To Twitter or Not to Twitter

Hello, my name is Brittany Welliver and I am currently the Marketing Intern at Corporate Synergies Group.  It’s not a fancy-shmancy advertising agency, but it’s the experience that counts, people!  Anyways, recently I was presented with the project of creating a social media presence for the company.  Previous interns attempted, but did not succeed in following through with the maintenance of keeping the sites updated.  Being the social media junky that I am, I was thrilled the company trusted me with this entire project, but I knew it was going to be difficult.

A little background on Corporate Synergies: they are a health care insurance broker with six different offices along the East Coast, and I work at the headquarters in Mount Laurel, NJ. In the terms of social media, the company has consistently struggled with creating and maintaining any sort of presence.  Since the company is not an ad agency or anything related, they never 1. had any knowledge of social media and why it is imperative to a company’s growth, and 2. how to execute any strategy to begin growing any sort of presence.

That’s where I come in.

Long story short, after creating the company’s LinkedIn account and profile, I began to promote the page throughout the company and on my personal pages to create buzz.  After the initial update meeting with the Marketing crew, I brought up the topic of Twitter.  *Cue the blank stares and confusion*  This is my dilemma! Twitter would be an amazing opportunity for this company to embark on.  Since we are in the health care field, there are constantly updates, reforms, medical scares, insurance changes, laws passing, etc. and they are sent out throughout the company in an HTML based format weekly, sometimes daily.  A.k.a exactly what Twitter is used for!  Instead of boring, old HTML documents and e-mails, these updates would be posted on the company’s Twitter account for a much larger audience, therefore attracting consumers to the company, therefore creating buzz about the company, therefore attracting possibly prospective clients, therefore making us money!

This guy know’s what I’m talking about

I’ll update everyone on the status of my amazing pitch later on; cross your fingers!

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