Two Birds

The bridal industry seems so luxe and lavish online, but what goes into getting it there? I had the pleasure, this semester of creating some great content, marketing events, and Ad-buying with a local bridal salon. Some of the benefits of working with this brand were:

  • The brand is well established, having 5 total locations in the United States, which I got to study the demographics for each, determined their similarities and differences in order to target and advertise with them.
  • I’ve built a great relationship with the owners, so this could help with a promotion down the one, but also building trust with them which allowed them to give me the free rein that I believe the average intern would have. This also helped me because they often called my suggestions my “expert opinion” which is kind of a nice affirmation when tour getting started in the Advertising industry; it really makes you feel like you know what you’re doing. It makes you confident that you’ll puncture the professional world, and you can take on any situation.

I had experience with Ad-buying, some B2B experience, coordinating promotional events with great turn-outs, and also creating and launching a few campaigns as well. Some were even advertised online and in Magazines. Some of the most rewards parts were knowing that your ad is what drives certain customers into the store to find their dream wedding gown. There was no better feeling than that. That is a feeling you could never forget.

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