Until next time ADVENT

With the semester coming to an end it is time for me to part from my internship :(. My time at ADVENT was awesome! I loved working with all of the other students and working with Joe. I’ve learned a lot about the industry and I look forward to doing more work in the entertainment and event planning field. My internship has taught me many things that I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom. The  reoccurring  theme of my classes this semester and my internship was the importance of networking. I’ve realized that it is extremely important to network and see the value of having a strong circle of people who can help you. ADVENT is a smaller company that relies heavily on the relationships Joe has built over the years and the new relationships he has made since he opened his business. One of the main things I am most nervous about is networking but this semester has taught me that I must get out of my comfort zone and begin connect with people in the industry. I value everything I’ve learned at ADVENT and I am proud to say that I can add my experience there to my resume with strong skill sets to match.

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