Unveiling the Digital Shopper’s Journey: Lessons Learned at QVC

Hi everyone! My name is Jane Halladay and I am currently a junior at Temple University majoring in Advertising with concentrations in Account Management and Media Planning and a minor in Public Health.

Hi everyone! My name is Jane Halladay and I’m currently a junior at Temple University, majoring in Advertising with concentrations in Account Management and Media Planning and a minor in Public Health.

This past semester, I had the opportunity of interning at QVC as a digital e-commerce intern. In the past, I’ve been exposed to retail work through my family’s flower shop as well as other retail jobs growing up, however this experience truly opened my eyes to the intricate realm of digital e-commerce. Throughout my journey at QVC, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with diverse teams to ensure unparalleled user experiences and customer satisfaction.

While working at QVC, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for the specialty of digital advertising, particularly in the realm of user experience optimization. In my role I was responsible for making sure the product display page, or the page where users are browsing items, was vibrant and eye catching but also easy to navigate. The ability to craft seamless user journeys is fascinating to me as it is extremely important to the perception of the brand in the users’ minds. Working with my team alongside others to ensure our homepage was user friendly and up to date opened my eyes to the complexities of digital e-commerce.

Reflecting on my expectations versus reality, I can confidently say that this experience has far exceeded what I initially envisioned. While I anticipated a steep learning curve as I was expected to learn many new software systems, I didn’t anticipate the support and guidance from my team. I’ve had the privilege of meeting inspiring individuals who’ve helped me pave my own path. From seasoned digital e-commerce veterans who’ve been at QVC for 25+ years, to tech-savy support staff, each person I’ve encountered has imparted invaluable guidance.

My advice for aspiring interns embarking on their journey is not to be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. This internship in particular is not in the advertising field which made me feel as though it may not have as much value. However, after completing my internship, I regret ever thinking that. The knowledge I’ve gained from working at QVC has helped me develop my project management skills and master effective communication in a fast-paced environment, every challenge has been a stepping stone towards personal and professional growth. While it may seem scary to step outside your comfort zone remember that any professional experience is good experience and can help you further in your career.

In conclusion, my internship at QVC has been an enlightening adventure filled with invaluable lessons, inspiring co-workers, and unforgettable experiences. As I continue on my journey as an advertising student, I will carry with me the wisdom gained from this experience, eager to apply it to future endeavors.

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