VFCR: Making Someone Smile

Since the middle of February, I have been doing my internship at Valley Forge Casino Resort. I am considered a Marketing Rep. Intern and I work with customers all day. Valley Forge is very high on customer service and we believe that the customer MUST leave satisfied. Being a casino, it is our main goal to make sure our customers come back. We cannot let them leave unhappy because that represents bad customer service.

I have now been at Valley Forge Casino Resort for nearly 3 months and I am gaining a full understanding of how things work. I am primarily responsible for working the gift giveaways that we run every Friday from 12-8. Based on a guest’s play, some players are rewarded free gifts. It is awesome to see how grateful some of the guests are that we are giving them a gift. It is basically our constant thank you to our customers for them being so loyal to our casino.

I have experienced many things from working at Valley Forge Casino Resort but the thing that I have noticed most is how much I love making someone smile. I am naturally someone who is always smiling and happy so when I am able to make a customer smile, it is so refreshing. I have always had a constant need to please people and never let them down. I guess it just carried over into my work and I am glad it did. Making someone smile is such a great feeling and this internship has helped show me how important it really is. The Valley Forge Casino Resort marketing team is always willing to help and make sure our customers are happy. And I take pride in that.

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