About two months ago, Tierney moved from the historic Bellevue building on Broad St. to the busy intersection of 17th and Market. While the Bellevue always had a distinct charm to it, it’s no secret that the move to a more modern and open space was a breath of fresh air for everyone. 29 floors up, we have a 360 view of Philadelphia, ranging everywhere from the stadiums to the airport and everywhere in-between (including a pretty sweet view of Temple from the conference room in the lobby).

While change can sometimes be scary, I think this move is a great metaphor for advertising, an industry that is constantly having to evolve and keep up with trends each and every day. Tierney is a great example of a company that’s been around for decades but still does everything in its power to stay up-to-date on trends that best suits their clients. We have a growing digital department that works to make sure our clients have everything they need in regards to online presence. On the other hand, we still stick to our roots and as a full-service agency, providing all types of services for print, PR, etc..

Another reason that this move represents Tierney so well is that fact that we went from two floors to one big open space. While we all still sit in our respective departments, we are now an open floor plan that fosters an environment of creativity and collaboration. Tierney’s motto is “One Team, One Tierney” so it’s very fitting we all now work so closely together. There are a lot of spots for sitting and working together throughout the office. I like being able to go hang out in different departments and if someone needs something, they’re only a few steps away.

Overall, the move to 1700 Market St. represents a lot of change and growth for Tierney, which is already a well-established and respected company. With the team having values of perspective, openness, and passion, it’s easy to see how the move is fitting for the dedicated and open-minded employees who work here. I’m so lucky that I get to intern here during this important time for the company. While I’ll miss the Bellevue’s historic feel – I’ve been absolutely loving the #Views and openness of the 29th floor.