Virtual Environment Can’t Stop a Realistic Experience

It has been quite a year for finding different internships and jobs. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way business is done, leaving us to rely on a virtual environment to complete work. Fortunately, advertising can always be done and executed virtually, especially if you get to work for an agency that focuses on digital marketing.

In February, I began my internship position at Ringlet Marketing Agency. Ringlet was established in Georgetown, Washington DC. They are hoping to open a new location in Philadelphia, PA. Ringlet’s Marketing Intern works directly under the account manager. I aided the account manager in executing marketing plans for two clients, researched new trends, and provided Spanish translations for our social media platforms. Being bilingual in English and Spanish is an advantage for Ringlet, as we can reach a new target audience and establish relationships in new locations.

I enjoyed being a part of the creative side of things when working with clients. Coming up with big ideas to build off of in our design, story content, and feed content strategy. It is satisfying and rewarding seeing big ideas turned into visuals. Each team member at Ringlet is loyal, helpful, understanding, and kind. The team members are extremely approachable. I was able to reach out at any time with questions or clarifications I needed.

This internship experience has inspired me to continue my pursuit in the advertising/marketing industry. It has taught me to keep up with changing trends, how to build off of findings and execute them in final pitches. Overall, this internship has been what I imagined it would be. Despite being in a virtual environment and not formally meeting all of Ringlet’s team members, I’ve gained a true understanding of what it is like working for a marketing agency.

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