West York Loft Project Makes Me Feel Pretty Important

Hello fellow advertising students, it’s Emily Walsh, Advertising Art Direction student in her senior year. If you’re curious, read my first blog post for a fall background on my internship at Matthews Interior Design.  For this blog post, I would like to share my experience with my first and favorite client.

A man and woman from a company building condominiums in West York, PA came to inspect the furniture that had been delivered to the warehouse. Joseph lead the meeting, but I contributed by adding to the conversation. I commented how a certain desk was reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house Falling Water. Luckily, the man had recently been to see that house and agreed with what I had said. The man and woman loved the furniture and gave their OK. I felt accomplished in knowing I had helped close a $60,000 deal.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water

The best part about this is I got to see the furniture go from the warehouse to the client’s space. It is amazing how different the furniture looked in the spaces. Joseph, another intern, and I drove three hours to West York. There was some downtime while waiting for them to finish the offices, which is time that I got to explore the site and talk with the managers of the condos. We learned that the building used to be a carriage factory and was refurbished, but the brick was from the existing building.

Below is a before & after shot of the upstairs lobby:

This project was awesome and made me feel pretty important.

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