Work is hard, but if you find something you love doing it won’t feel like it’s work.

That’s why I’ve been on a mission to find my strengths and capitalize on them. I’m constantly streaming music, scrolling on social media like most millennials, and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip. I wasn’t making any money, and I was frankly wasting time by browsing the Internet. I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry, but I was frustrated after applying for 30 plus internships and not receiving any.

While I was doing an unpaid internship at an advertising agency in NYC I received a job posting from the Temple University Department of Advertising and Public Relations Chair, Dana Saewitz, encouraging students to apply to a part-time position for a digital media agency acquired by Universal Music Group named, Fame House. Fame House is an award-winning global agency that has a focus on digital marketing, social media strategy, direct-to-fan marketing and e-commerce. The job posting was seeking a digital marketing assistant who had experience with analytics, writing copy, and was currently enrolled in college. I was nervous, but I knew the worst thing that they could say was “no.”

I’m proud to say that I have been working at Fame House for five months, and it has been such a rewarding experience. The clients with whom I mainly work are Mass Appeal, DJ Shadow, Chloe & Halle, and Ice Cube. I analyze and configure social media reports for Mass Appeal, an urban culture media company with 417.3K followers, I write copy and schedule content for Beyoncé’s protégé’s Chloe & Halle as well as Ice Cube and DJ Shadow on Twitter and Facebook, and I manage DJ Shadow’s inventory, create quarterly business reports, and assist with email marketing.

On top of getting the amazing opportunity to analyze analytics and post for Hip Hop and R&B moguls on social media, I get to work with dedicated, hard-working people that make coming to work fun. We have weekly meetings with the marketing department, the direct to consumer department, and the management department. People will share what they have been working on, and at the end of the meeting team members will give out shoutouts admiring their colleague’s hard work. Fame House also has holiday outings and a fully stocked kitchen with snacks and other goodies.

I suggest to anyone who is looking for an internship or job to look into the company culture and research what type of work you’re going to be doing before you apply. You’re going to be working at this place for 20 – 40+ hours a week and it’s important that you’re comfortable in that environment so you can be the most productive! Thanks for reading my blog post, I’m looking forward to checking out all of your comments! 

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