What I’ve learned for the future

I think one of the obvious main purposes of an internship is to get an understanding about what the hell it is you want to do with your life.  I think that it is the first real place that you can start to give definitive answers about where and what type of place you would like to work at when you get the chance.  For me, working at this radio station has definitely answered some questions.  The first being that while I enjoyed working in this department, promotions for a radio station (and probably for anything for that matter) aren’t for me.  I am an ad major, I want to somehow contribute to the creation of ads.  Whether I go into research or copy, I would be able to do that, but here I haven’t been given the opportunity to create something. I’m actually very glad I did intern here, had I not I probably would’ve jumped headfirst into an opportunity like this one right out of college, and wouldn’t know what I was getting myself into.

Another thing I learned I would love to avoid, though who wouldn’t, is cubicles.  I know this isn’t wholly realistic but still.  I haven’t felt very much a part of the company here, more of just a small part of my department, and I think that the cubes are to blame. I can’t see a thing but the walls, which for me to be honest really sucks.  I know I’ll have to deal with it in some job since many people do, but nobody said I had to like it.

So I know some things now that I didn’t before, especially some of the things I’ll look for in a job when I graduate.  Personally, I am just excited about what is on the horizon.

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