What’s a Digital Promotions Company?

Before hearing about my current internship at Realtime Media, I was unaware that there were other options besides in-house or agency.

The profession of advertising will always be essential for pretty much every functioning business. Without advertising, it would be pretty difficult to brand, spread awareness, drive revenue, attract new consumers, etc. That’s one of the pros to being in this industry, along with how compatible the skill sets in advertising can be. You could choose to go traditional and work for an ad agency or something a tad more recent such as a digital marketing agency. You could even choose to go in-house and be on the marketing or advertising team for a sole company, any company, (at least one that does not use an agency). There are even agencies that specialize in a specific area such as an SEO or creative agency.

Before hearing about my current internship at Realtime Media, I was unaware that there were other options besides in-house or agency. Realtime Media is a digital promotions company that specializes in services including sweepstakes, instant win games, user-generated content, loyalty programs, receipt validation, push notification marketing, mobile wallet marketing, and legal administration and insurance. Realtime will completely build the company’s desired campaign whether it’s developing an augmented reality app from scratch or offering the grand prize of a new dream home, they handle it all. Realtime has worked with clients from General Electric to CNN and even L’oreal Paris. As their intern, I don’t work for their clients, instead, I am in charge of gathering leads through digital marketing tactics. In addition, the company is currently going through a complete redesign of their website which I get to help out on. Working for a nontraditional company in the advertising industry has taught me a lot and I’m super grateful to be able to experience various roles at different types of companies. If you get the chance, take as many internships at as many different places as possible. The value you receive from working in different environments (and even a different position) will make you a more well-rounded person and even more of an asset to future employers!

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  1. It’s so interesting that internships can lead us all to opportunities that we didn’t even know were an option! Though a lot of the things we learn are transferrable and applicable in most departments of advertising, there are endless ways to engage with people and so many different companies that do this in different ways. In my opinion, the versatility of the advertising industry is definitely the best part, you can almost never get bored. Your experience at Realtime Media seems like it was very beneficial and unique. It makes me excited to experience different advertising environments in the future!

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