Where An Intern Fits At A Small Agency

Not me

This a post about where I (as an intern) fit in at Skai Blue Media, a fairly small PR agency. There aren’t separate departments there; when there is a new client the owner assigns an account manager. However, she believes in teamwork so everyone works on each client; the account manager is just the only person to organize all of the data and conduct the media/client relations with that particular project client. Sometimes the decision for the account manager is based on personality rather than experience, or sometimes both. The owner oversees and approves everything that is sent out. She is also the one who usually goes out to meet with clients. Everyone else works under the owner and the interns work under the other employees. There are several other interns, a few PR and marketing interns and another graphic design intern besides me. There are no policies regarding interns, there are not any informal rules either. The whole agency is very casual with a relaxed atmosphere (which I am very thankful for). I hear about interns fetching coffee all day, answering phones or hanging up fliers, that is not me. At one point I had to go around and ask clients about an event in person because Skai Blue just doesn’t possess the manpower to do it in a timely fashion without the intern’s help. I actually did end up handing out fliers one time but it was pretty cool because I was the one who designed the flier. Even when I mess up something I am always corrected in a non-harsh manner so that it doesn’t happen again. My experience as an intern is no classic intern horror story.

The flier I handed out. (Don't click, it gets distorted)

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