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Hey everyone,

My name is Deione Sydnor, senior advertising major at Temple University. I set out with what seemed like an impossible mission at the beginning of my senior year, take 36 credits in 2 semesters with 2 internships. Fortunately, I have accomplished both, barely, currently in a 19 credit semester to graduate on time, working 30 hours a week,  and interning at LevLane Advertising/PR/Interactive agency, it’s a wonder how I get up on time to do anything. After successful completion of my internship at the non-profit organization, City Year, I set my eyes on getting into an advertising agency, developing my skills as a professional, and adding an experience to my resume that I hope will set me apart from the rest of the future applicants of corporate America. LevLane is a full service advertising, PR, and interactive agency located in Center City, Philadelphia. The building that the internship is located in has a historical background, being named after the famous John Wanamaker, the entrepreneur of the modern day mall. On my first day, I went into the internship ready to work, slacks, shoes, shirt and tie, only to be told that I was too dressed up for the job. One of my favorite parts about the internship doesn’t even lie in the office, to go along with the relaxed environment of the agency, if you go to the top floor of the building there is an indoor fountain with a window roof. It’s honestly one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been to in Philadelphia, its a great place to relax after staring at numbers all day. I’ll divulge more about the internship itself in my next blog post, but for now here is a quick synopsis of the job description provided by the agency while they were seeking interns:

  • Monitor and post weekly TV advertising buys
  • Communicate commercial traffic instructions to media vendors
  • Assist the Media Planner/Buyer in the research and recommendation of creative and
  • effective media solutions for clients marketing challenges
  • Process media invoices into billing software
  • Maintain media buy records and prepare periodic reports on assigned accounts

Deione Sydnor-Robinson

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