Who loves ya?

I started my first day at LevLane, an advertising and PR agency by City Hall, about 3 weeks ago. After my first day, I told everyone how much I loved it, that I couldn’t wait to go back. This love and excitement, I thought, would probably fade over time as the internship progressed. It didn’t. I’m still just as excited to go to LevLane every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I find myself staying late and having to rush to get to campus for meetings or class because I’m so reluctant to leave each day.

LevLane is considered a large agency. They have many departments including PR, traffic, account service, creative, and interactive. It seems that each department has 2 or less interns. Though they do take on a lot of interns at one time, I did not get lost in the shuffle. The Account Service department is always friendly and willing to answer questions or give help when necessary. I’ve done work for Beneficial Bank and Philly Recycling Office. They are always willing to bring me to meetings, which has been a great learning experience. I also got to attend a Webinar on how to effectively write a creative brief which was very informative and interesting.

LevLane is showing me how a large agency functions and flows within the different departments. I learn something new everyday. The agency is full of talented, skilled and friendly employees that are a true joy to work with. I know this internship will supply me with an invaluable learning experience that I use at my future after graduation. Hopefully, that future job will be at LevLane or an agency with as equally kind, talented and helpful employees.



    • I’m in the account service department. I work for the account coordinator, the account supervisor and the senior account manager. It’s the perfect place for me but every deptartment has great people so you can’t really go wrong with an internship here.

      • Hey! I’m glad you guys like it here. I have had a great two semesters and I agree- the people are great and the environment is a fun and creative place to get agency experience.

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