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This semester has been a whirlwind of blissful chaos in the traffic department at...

LevLane does!

This semester has been a whirlwind of blissful chaos in the traffic department at LevLane Advertising. As a Traffic intern, I help manage the numerous jobs Lev works on by monitoring the job routing process and creating/following through with project schedules. Internal communication is essential to the productivity of the team and I’ve got a chance to take part in overseeing it firsthand.

LevLane is open, friendly and creative. I really feel as though I’m part of the team here, and being in traffic allowed me to meet so many people. From other interns to upper management – I had the chance to work with them all.

The coolest project I worked on by far was the Rothman Rink & Cabin at Dilworth Park.

I can still remember the day the Rothman Rink job first came through. I processed it and created the job jacket for it, then I got to assign the creative/account team and hand it off to them after creating a release schedule for it. I truly followed this project from concept to execution, seeing all of the little hiccups and the huge disasters take place as time went on. Lev handled each one and every one with poise and confidence. Crisis management is a big part of the traffic department’s responsibilities and I feel as though I am more versed in the way of handling project issues now because of it.

I remember the day the Rothman Rink & Cabin jobs were completed and am proud to say I was the one who had a hand in releasing it to the vendor. A month later, I visited Dilworth Park and saw it come to life. It was an amazing moment to see the display in person after I had stuck with the job for so long.

My experience at LevLane was one-of-a-kind and I’m glad I got the chance to take part in it. While traffic isn’t where my career is headed, networking with high-level advertising executives made it worthwhile.


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