Hi everyone! My name is Kiersten Rodgers and I’ve been working as the Organic Social Intern at QVC for about a year. My time at QVC has been full of amazing experiences and opportunities. If you haven’t thought about social media as a career before, you should now!

Why social you may ask?

Any social media lover would immediately run to any social media internship or job posting. But what they don’t know is social media is much more than that. It isn’t just tweeting or posting on the most popular platforms.

Social media is a dynamic field; it is always changing. The work day-to-day is never the same. It is unpredictable so it is important that you are willing to be flexible and adaptable. It is a game of thinking on your feet, and that’s what makes it interesting!

Social media platforms are the perfect place to figure out how your customers feel and what they think about your brand or products. It is an easy avenue to communicate with them! You get to engage with people who love the brand you work for as much as you do.

Most importantly, the job is so much fun. This job will allow you to combine creativity, critical and strategic thinking. You may find yourself at a cool event taking Instagram Stories or behind the scenes of an on-air show or on the other hand, reporting the successes of events or campaigns.

You may be thinking that you aren’t the most creative person in the world, but you do have great ideas. This could still be the path for you. Combining your strategic ideas with a creative mind will allow you and your team to succeed in this space!

Social media is full of so many fun experiences, but it is more than posting on Instagram. Always be prepared with creative and engaging ideas, but also with skills to do tagging, analytics, and reporting! I hope you find clarity in your job search and maybe consider social as a potential career path!