I have been an intern at WMGK since February and I am enjoying the experience that I am having here.  Despite the bad weather that we have had in the beginning of my internship, I have been able to learn a lot about radio and the advertising that allows radio stations to be successful. I have spent a lot of my time researching for the sales team or writing/assisting on follow up reports. Client satisfaction is one of the most important aspects when it comes to radio advertising because you want repeat business. I initially started my internship under Chris Kirchner, but as of recently, I am now under the new General Sales Manager, Dave Scopinich. While I may not work too closely with Dave, I am in contact with the other sales members and assist them in any way that I can.

Because the promotions department does not have an intern this semester, I sometimes assist them in their roles as well. I have helped create signs for an event which not only brought attention to the station, but it also brought in prospective clients to advertise with the station. It is interesting to see the connection between the sales and promotions departments at the station because while they may have different jobs and responsibilities, they work hand in hand to make sure they are doing what is best for both the station and the clients.  I love working with the promotions team because it allows me to see the actual reach that the station has to its listeners and how loyal the listeners are to the station.

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