WMMR: Preston & Steve show featuring: Shannon Smith

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Shannon Smith here reporting to you live from the internship desk at 93.3 WMMR radio station, over the course of the Spring semester I have been interning for Kelly Wilson sales associate at WMMR radio. I am currently a Junior at Temple University majoring in Advertising. Prior to this amazing internship opportunity I was very confused on which track I felt would be best for me, after working for several weeks as an intern and getting hands on experience working with their account managers I finally feel like I have found my home in the advertising world, and believe that the account management track would be my best fit. Here at WMMR the account managers are responsible for many different things. Looking for prospective clients as well as addressing issues and setting proposals for current clients are just some of the tasks the role of the account manager has. As an intern here I help assist in all those areas. There are many things that a classroom can teach you, however it is not until I had this internship that I truly realized all the work and creativity as well as organization skills that goes into being an account manager.

Another thing that working with WMMR has taught me is that although radio is a great place to work with and things are always changing I have found that it is somewhat of a dying business. There are days where everyone is busy and every minute is priceless, however there are also days where it is slower and clients are not as crazy about working with the radio business. As much as I have enjoyed my time interning for WMMR I think that my abilities would be better displayed in an agency that deals with all different types of media. With that being said radio is not a place for everyone, I have been greatly appreciative of every day that I have had here so far, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this outstanding company.

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