Working at FringeArts as a Marketing Design Intern – Anthony Vernet

As a marketing design intern for FringeArts, I am responsible for brainstorming, creating, and tracking social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the FringeArts blog. When I first started at FringeArts, my mentor Greg Frantz made it clear that FringeArts instagram presence is severely lacking compared to Facebook and Twitter.

FringeArts is the company that organizes, promotes and executes the annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival, which occurs every September for three weeks all around the city. Now in its 18th year, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival brings local artists together from the tristate area, along with artists from around the world, which are featured in the Presented Fringe shows, usually 11 or 12 performances; their promotions take up the bulk of the social media. FringeArts is also a non-profit, so any hopeful creatives who want to hold a show during the Fringe Festival can do so with a registration fee and a venue booking.

Although I am already familiar with social media through my own personal use, creating posts for social media for a larger company/business is much more detailed and complex. Knowing which shows to promote to certain followers is imperative for a better reach. Someone who likes traditional plays and musicals would not be interested in Roman Castellucci’s “The Four Seasons Restaurant”, an outlandish, avant-garde performance that includes snipping of tongues, taxidermy horses, and a re-creation of birth in a gymnasium. It’s very wild.




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