Would You Do It For The Love?

A fear that I’ve always had as a student in the School of Media and Communication was would I be able to find a job that I love and make enough money to eat and sustain myself. Unlike many majors, there is no guarantee. However, one day as I was reading through the Advertising Listserv, a compilation of emails I usually “Mark as Read” I saw one for OogeeWoogee.com. The email said they were looking for interns to manage social media, write blog posts about Hip-Hop, politics, and everything counterculture. It was a dream come true. I had found opportunity which seemed made just for me. Not to mention the internship was a paid one. I applied. I interviewed. I conquered.

My first day at oogeewoogee.com, I met the founder who is as eccentric as his website, the other interns, and content and creative directors, the illustrator and the videographer. They showed me around and we all went to lunch together. I immediately began working to build the Twitter and other social media accounts. I also wrote articles for the website and helped proofread. On top of this, I am creating an ad campaign for SEPTA buses and trains. Needless to say, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and I love my internship.

This is where my initial question comes from, “would you do it for the love?” To quote Fabolous, a New York rapper, of whom I am a fan. Would I have been here without the incentive of pay? Yes. Given the experience I am gaining here and the fact that my heart is attached to what I do, I most definitely would. I learned through the short time that I have been here that, while working in the media is not only financially risky when you’re just starting out, but grueling and competitive, it is well worth it.


  1. Congrats Sharon! This sounds like an amazing internship! I understand the struggles we have as media students and I was always nervous about graduation. This gives me hope that one I am going to be happy, no matter what kind of money I am making, as long as I love it.

  2. Congrats Sharon! I had a similar experience. I intern without compensation and I still love what I do! I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your internship!

  3. Sharon, I am glad that you found an internship that you love, with the added bonus of being paid! I often ask myself this question, too. Although I am luckily being compensated for my time, the experience is what I am there for, so yes I would most definitely do it for the love. I hope you continue to enjoy your internship, it sounds like an awesome opportunity!

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