I have been an intern at PHL since January and I have enjoyed my time there. Though I had a slow start due to the weather, I have been involved with a vast amount of research, have learn how certain people do make-goods, watch a newscaster host an event, and meet great and kind people who are so willing to help. I am a Sales intern under Jeff Finken and there is more than enough to do but you do have to find it.  When he is busy or I have finished my work I go and ask the other Sales department members if they need anything.  Just yesterday I had the pleasure to join a middle school tour and watch the account executives give a presentation. The only reason I was able to go was because I was helping Frank, one of the account executives, on organizing his call sheets. He just came to me and ask if I wanted to come join the tour and maybe I could learn something. After the presentation he let me watch him do his make goods and explained the process of putting ads on the air and how they can get bumped.

I know that I do like being behind the scenes and keeping track of things.  I have also learned so much from researching articles and it has made me like reading up on current events even more than before. The people are always moving and they make it all seem so fun and exciting that you just want to be involved. This is a great opportunity and I can’t wait to see what is in store.


P.S. They tend to hire their old interns too.  Just saying that is a great perk

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