Wrapping up at p2n

Interning at philly2night this semester has been such a great experience. Before completing my semester  in the office I was asked to fill an internship evaluation. Here was what I had to say:

My favorite aspect of interning was having hands on experience with planning and facilitating events. I thought this was the most helpful because it engaged me and showed me how to organize certain events and measure its success. It also gave me a chance to work on something different everyday which minimized boredom. I also enjoyed working on the research projects because the topics were interesting and got me to think a little bit more creatively. Base camp was also an awesome tool.

My least favorite aspect of interning was creating the updating the social media. It seemed difficult many days to stay on track with the schedule that I originally planned.  Also the New York DMA did not have a Facebook and for whatever reason the social website would not let me create one. This was frustrating.

My favorite assignment was working on the Scvngr Haunt. I enjoyed learning about the new mobile application and seeing it used in action. This was also the first event where I created online postings, created material for the event, helped with set up, etc. To see the outcome of an event that I helped with was very awarding.

My least favorite assignment was working on the beer distributor contact list with Brian (sorry Nagele). Although the list may have been necessary, it was tedious and time consuming.

The most valuable thing I learned was to think outside of the box for everything. If the idea is to big, there can always be restrictions put into place but if there is no idea, then you are stuck. Even when I worked on the distributor contact list, instead of simply searching the name on Google, I had to look through social networks to get their contact info.

If I had to give advice to a future intern I would tell them to use their creativity as much as possible because it makes any work that you do so much more fun and personal. I would also tell them to get to know what everyone in the office does so that they can get the bigger picture of how the work that they do fits into the company.

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