Writing for TV and other firsts

Lunchbox Communications is an advertising agency, but it’s also a production company. And even though I had worked for Update Now/Ahora for TUTV, I had never truly been part of the production crew. At Lunchbox, I’ve done things I never thought I would ever do, like brainstorming ideas for TV episodes and documentaries. This month, I was able to work with a colleague on brainstorming possible episode ideas for a reality TV show. I must say, having the freedom to mold a story in any way we wanted was very interesting, even if a lot of our ideas didn’t make it through in the end. Additionally, getting to know the characters and the back stories is something I didn’t know I would enjoy so much. These strangers became people we learned to care for. The reality show I worked on features Tatiana Ward, also known as Beat Face Honey, and she is a very interesting person to work with. Writing spec scripts for a TV show was something I did in my Strategy and Positioning course, but I never thought I would actually get to do it in real life.

I also had the opportunity to work in a project that was in its more advanced stages, but that let me get to know a different aspect of producing. I was assigned with transcribing several videos for a documentary. This was something that ended up being relatively easy, but also something I had never done. I then watched the rough cut of the documentary, and brainstormed with the rest of the team on where to fit those videos I transcribed. I realized, most importantly, all the work that a documentary requires. This one in particular has been on the works for more than five years!

The tasks I was involved in regarding these projects were relatively simple, but because it was the first time I was doing them, I learned a lot. And I also asked a lot of questions!

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