Hello everyone, my name is Kourtney Thompson and I am currently a Junior in the Advertising Major. My focus/concentration for my degree is Art Direction and I am also minoring in General Business Studies in The Fox School of Business & Management. For my internship opportunity this year, I got the chance to work at the Painted Bride Art Center in Old City Philadelphia. I feel that I have truly learned what it means to work in the world of non-profits. I currently intern in an extremely relaxed environment that promotes a healthy and useful advertising climate that actually contributes to the causes, which align with my politics. Although I did not always complete tasks that were specific to my major (Art Direction), however, I feel that my boss was cognizant of providing work that he needed me to do, as well as work in which I was ultimately interested. This experience has been extremely rewarding, however, I think it’ll be interesting to do an internship in the corporate world to compare and contrast the two experiences.