You too can watch TEDxPhilly LIVE! (all day Thursday at the National Mechanics)

TEDxPhilly will be streaming live all day at National Mechanics on Thursday! Bring your friends!

About TEDxPhilly:
TEDxPhilly is an opportunity to celebrate what is happening right here, right now in Philadelphia and beyond.

This daylong event will investigate the theme of right here, right now through multiple lenses and in textured ways. It is within local and personal spaces that larger political, cultural, and economic decisions are negotiated. The TEDx platform provides a space for Philadelphia-connected speakers and audience members to address some of the most pressing issues of today, and examine how those issues shape and are shaped by our sense of ‘here’ and ‘now’.

Our goal is to showcase practitioners, makers, dreamers and thinkers who are contemporary and thought provoking; who are pushing the boundaries of their own disciplines; and who are working towards a more purposeful, socially responsible future. The event is multi-disciplinary by nature and the speakers echo the diverse perspectives present in our city.

We are calling all change-agents to attend. TEDxPhilly is also a framework where Philadelphians will converge to share ideas that matter, and hopefully, turn those ideas into actionable outcomes after the event. The audience is as important as the presenters and will reflect the many passionate, motivated, and hard-working individuals who are part of the broader community of Philadelphia.

Are you ready to be inspired?

To read about the speakers, click here.

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