April 2011

Saying Goodbye to a long Workout



I just had my last day at Weston Fitness, it was a weird change to end, but it is nice to not have to go Center City every other day. As I mentioned in my previous post; overall, the experience was a worthwhile experience. However, it was not very advertising oriented. It taught me more about Marketing, which I found out I enjoyed a lot and I believe that is a big thing to learn in a internship. I came into this internship aware that it was at a gym and the lack of advertisements that would truly be needed, but I am glad I learned about a field I was never interested in, in the past: Marketing. I believe through an internship finding out things within the real world that you enjoy and  you don’t enjoy is the biggest gain you can receive. It sets yourself up for a real life job and what direction, in the future, you can see yourself working for 40 hours a week. Although I have enjoyed advertising classes at Temple, I realized that doing projects in school is not the same in the real world. In school you have much more freedom and space for creativity. The real world, complete opposite. You are told in what places to put certain objects and the lack of creativity would be a burden on me, since that’s the one true passion I had for advertising. Overall, I think this internship taught me more than expected. I learned about myself and what future I wish to have, and I would not ask for anything more to have accomplished.

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The 10 Most Stressful Jobs (and yes fellow advertisers, we’re on here)

As us seniors come close to graduating and finalizing our career choices with actual jobs, freshman/sophmores come to a crossroads of choosing a major, we all spend much time considering all aspects of a job as it would affect our lives. A major factor in choosing a job is the stress that it might put on you. With perfect timing,  CarreerCast just released findings from research conducted to discover what American’s found to be the top 10 most stressful jobs. The results were uncovered by asking respondents to rate 11 stress factors found in the workplace: “outlook/growth potential, travel, deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards encountered, own life at risk, life of another at risk and meeting the public.” The results of this thorough research are as follows (in order from less stressful to most stressful):

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It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

As my internship comes to a close I’m grateful for the experience. I have learned so much and met great people.  Interning at The Gabriel Institute has taught me that you never really know where you’ll end up in your career but it’s important to enjoy yourself and be satisfied with whatever you are doing.

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A Blog About A Blog

What better way to intrigue all you bloggers than to talk about…a blog!? That’s what I thought. Regardless of irony, it’s something that I really want to share. Brownstein, like many companies has… a blog. Unlike the others, however, it is not all about the agency- each and every member of the agency take turns in expressing their thoughts and interests on almost any fun topic, especially current advertising. It not only sparks new interests and knowledge, but it reflects the diversity of the agency…and I love it!
Posts can range from anything from social media to cooky furniture, and everything in between. Through the blog I’ve learned about a street fashion photographer, Bill Cunningham, who’s odd life has been documented and is now showing at the Ritz in Old City. I find this shared interest refreshing- the agency isn’t trying to persuade, sell or promote. They are simply sharing. I think this is smart and unique because it reminds the viewer that Brownstein isn’t just an agency, but a group of real people. Make sure to check it out on their site.

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Interning, not working out, at a gym.

I currently am finishing up my internship at Weston Fitness located on the corner of 19th and Market. As I mentioned in my last post, it is primarily marketing based but also incorporates some art direction advertising within the job. Thus far, the internship has gone well, people are friendly, and the hours are convenient. However, this is not an ideal place for an advertising major. Sure, they need advertisements to keep their gym alive, but the real fact of the matter is, without a good gym with good amenities, people will not return. Yet, the one bonus Weston Fitness has over the other fitness clubs is their dedication to their members. I know, I know, every gym says this. But, in reality it is a small gym, a gym of 1700 members, therefore the front desk person is not too far off from recognizing every person that walks through the elevator doors. Yes, the swipe of their bar code, and the name that pops up on the screen is always a good cheat sheet, but they are very personable. This benefit is highlighted frequently within our advertisements. If it was not true, trust me, we would hear about it and we have not heard a word, yet, the truth remains. The best part of this internship is the freedom it allows. Most ads that I get to create are from my own vision, with little direction, it gives the power of creativity to take full swing. Overall, this internship has not only made me think in a more creative light, but has made me realize the business end of advertising as well. Being an art direction major, much of my work is creative oriented, and the business part is second. Here, business is first, something I needed to learn and explore through an internship. I am glad I got to do that there.

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Building websites

Here at Two 1 Five Design Group, I’ve been working on many websites with my boss. We are currently handling Buymorecontacts.com and Eyeland.com. I have never learned the process of actually building the websites with coding therefore I was helping him put together research and data along with building images throughout the websites. I noticed that finding certain images for different pages was a critical role because it had to express the feeling of what that page was meant to do. For example, there was a page at Eyeland Optical and it was a page regarding their employees. Therefore, I had to search for a team of smiling optometrists. I searched for hours on many stock photo sites however, I could only find doctors smiling rather than optometrists. I think that day, I spent the whole time (about 6 hours) searching for stock photos. In the end, I did not have a choice but to hand in a photograph of doctors that could be optometrists. It was a good experience because I think dedication is important when searching for a specific material but sometimes, you have to turn to alternatives when the specific material doesn’t exist.

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Final Decisions

The end of the semester is here, which means the ending of my internship at Creative Video. Even though I’ve been here since November, it seems like the days went by rather quickly. I enjoy my days working here. I decided to extend the hours working each week to gain trust with my coworkers. It’s helped me get more work done and begin more projects. Since my last post, I was able to learn more about After Effects. A freelancer trained me last week. It was very helpful. I learned quicker with his help than I did by myself. I also finished my design for the print post cards we’ll be distributing at BlogWorld. I haven’t done a lot of graphic design projects yet but I hope I can design more very soon. I hope to have many print designs complete by next week.

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Social Media is the New Black

Last week at Finch I got an amazing opportunity. I got to learn all about how to create and manage a Facebook ad from some of the best people in the business. Until now I thought the whole process seemed so easy but now I’m convinced that’s not the case. There are so many different variables that go into making a successful Facebook ad and the motions you have to go through to publish it are really confusing. I guess it takes getting used to but even Sara, Finch’s Facebook guru, admitted to getting a little thrown off by some of Facebooks procedures. But, throughout the confusion I knew learning this Facebook stuff would be invaluable to me in the long run because of Facebook’s expected ad presence in the future.

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Well, the semester is almost over. I guess I should start getting around to those 3 blog posts…

So for the past 2 and-a-half months or so, I’ve been a Copywriting intern at the Philadelphia agency 160over90.  Looking back, I’m pretty lucky that the only agency to give me an interview and an offer a week before the semester started ended up being a place like 160.  For one, they give you a $20/day stipend, so needless to say, I’ve been absolutely ballin’ out these past few months.  Aside from the obvious monetary benefits, I’ve gotten a lot out of my internship here at 160.

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Wrapping up at WOGL

Sadly, my last day at WOGL is coming up, tomorrow actually!  There were many ups and downs at my internship, but overall I believe it to be a successful learning experience.  While I did have “intern responsibilities” like file invoices and sales orders and fold WOGL promo t-shirts, there were other aspects that of the job where I got to learn about advertising sales and promotions.  I’ve met many people at WOGL that I will have a connection with for my future and further ventures in the advertising realm.  This is great cause I basically built my “network” up about 2-fold (YAY!).

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Temple University Portfolio Night!

The Temple Advertising Club (TAC) will be having a Portfolio Night open to students both in the creative and accounting tracks. There will be advertising professionals from all over Philadelphia including ad agencies Razorfish, Dudnyk and LevLane. Don’t miss out on a great chance to network and get professional feedback about your creative pieces!

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Time for Action!

I’m an intern at Creative Video, a video production company located in New Jersey. I was hired at the end of the winter semester as a graphic design intern. Since there wasn’t much design needed during the winter break, I was very useful in the video production department. I never thought I would be editing videos for a job but after taking MURL, the Journalism capstone now referred to as Philadelphia Neighborhoods, I want to thank my professors for believing in each student to keep trying and never give up. They reminded us everyday that learning Final Cut Pro would help us in the long run and no one wanted to believe them…well now I’m a believer! After a couple months of video production and my last post, I finally got to work on some designs! I’m currently working on a postcard and landing page for a video email campaign. Once the copy is added and approved, my designs will be sent out to potential clients across the United States. I’m also learning After Effects which is a very important program used at Creative Video. This program seems very interesting. It seems very similar to Final Cut Pro and Edius, a video editing program we use, it just adds the design aspect to it all. So hopefully, I will learn this program quickly so I can start some more advanced projects in After Effects!

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Legality Issues as an Intern

Working as an intern at the Office of Sustainability I have run into many legal issues with design. So far at the office I have to make sure certain brochures and fliers are approved by Temple authorities. One example of a legal issue that I ran into was the use of the Temple “T”. I am not allowed to use the T without permission and I also must not make a T that looks like the Temple T in any of my work. This past Spring I was creating a banner for Campus Sustainability Week and on the banner is a nontraditional looking T. It was approved by authorities because there was a concern about it looking too much like a Temple T. Another example of legal issues I just ran into the other day was for another flier I had to design. On the flier I placed the image of a female lounging on a beach, there was more to the flier, but the issue was that I needed to create another flier with a man on it for reasons being sexuality equality and also for a potential women exploitation. The flier had did not have any crude or demeaning assets to it, but for the future I will have to keep in mind the issues involving sexual equality.

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The Royal Event of the Year– No, Decade. I Mean, Century.

I stand (sit, type) before you completely flabbergasted. The high level of intense media coverage of this wedding is unbelievable. (Just the fact that I didn’t have to mention WHAT wedding I’m referring to speaks for itself. For those of you who have been in the woods for the past couple of months, I am talking about the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.)

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The little things in life.

At my current internship at Philly Magazine I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet a lot of great people (see my last blog about networking) and learn a ton of tools that will help me in the future. Because it is a magazine, I’ve learned about making media kits, tracking down leads, maintaining advertising clients with recap books, etc. You know, magazine ad sales stuff. But I’ve also learned some little things that I know I will always carry with me.

For example, I can proudly say that I now know how to Fed Ex and UPS a package via their online website with no problem at all (you may think that’s lame, but hey, I didn’t know how to do it before). I’ve gotten much more comfortable at calling businesses and clients on the phone and speaking to them like a professional employee.  Sometimes I get the task of cold calling leads and seeing if they are interested in advertising with our magazine and I have no problem talking with them and answering any questions that they have. I’ve also learned a handful of new computer software that I didn’t even know existed before I began my internship. One of my favorites is “Snag It”. This program allows you to take screen shots per say. It’s really useful when trying to capture an entire website page or e-mail because it automatically scrolls to the end of the page. I’ve also become much more comfortable with Microsoft excel. I know how important excel is in many aspects of “real world careers”, but I was never any good at. My supervisor, Danielle has shown me a ton of new tricks on excel that I am extremely grateful for. I really like that my internship has given me the opportunity to see the process of magazine advertising. For example, at Philly Mag an ad goes through three levels of individuals to “fact check” it and make sure all of the information on the advertisement is correct (Yes, that is one of my many assigned tasks).

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Becky Last seen: Neiman Group

I started my Spring semester internship with Neiman Group in January and have loved every Monday/Wednesday/Friday since! Neiman Group is located in the 1619 building on Walnut Street, which is the old NBC building. My label at Neiman is New Business Intern, although I’ve had the opportunity to assist various departments at the agency in addition to New Business. I have had the opportunity to better understand the rfp process at Neiman Group and learn about the strategic thinking and planning that goes into making and delivering a pitch. One aspect of interning at the agency that I really like is that I am able to help out any department and with many of their clients. As an intern I’ve helped out with the agency’s key accounts: Sunoco, Dietz & Watson, EnergyWorks, as well as their newest client, The National Constitution Center. I’ve had my fair share of market researching, binding presentation folders, sitting in on interviews, and even contributing my copywriting skills. (which was fun since I’m not an expert at it) Not only does it allow me to apply my skills and knowledge, but I get a well-rounded idea of how exactly each department works individually and than as a whole to deliver the creativeness to clients. Neiman Group is a great environment to learn in because everyone is so dedicated and passionate about advertising, and it shows all the time. Everyone is a team player and continuously thinking of new ideas and ways to keep Neiman moving forward. The agency is also a great environment to spend 3 days a week in. It’s relaxed, modern, and stocked with snacks. They often have fun events in the office like: a pie eating contest, beer tasting, Holiday celebrations, and a Happy Hour on Fridays just to name a few. If you haven’t yet, visit their Facebook to see the fun I’m talking about: https://www.facebook.com/neimangroup

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And we’re rolling.

Today was a good day.

Today, I was inspired. One of our clients is in the workings with Brownstein to execute a TV spot for a new product. This may make me sound like a six year old, but…I can’t believe that I get to witness the makings of a commercial! Sure, we’ve written broadcast storyboards in class. And yes, I’ve got to contribute and witness many print ads go to execution in my past internships. I’ve never, however, seen the progress of a real TV ad from a real client and a real agency. Can you tell that I’m excited?

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Networking is your power tool.

I’ve always been told that the last semester of senior year is the most difficult. It’s the period in your life when you have the least time to yourself. Yet regardless how many times I have been told this I continued to think, “how hard could it really be?” Well, now I know. Since early January I’ve been managing my last few senior level classes, an internship at Philadelphia Magazine, work, my sorority, and trying to enjoy every last bit of college that I possibly can. I now truly know the meaning of “there aren’t enough hours in the day.”

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The day I’ve been dreading..

<—See that girl? That’s what I’m going to look like a few weeks from now. Graduation; the day I’ve been dreading for the past four years is less than a month away. To some people, graduation may seem like an exciting time and something they’ve worked their whole life towards. While this is all true, graduation also means leaving behind my comfort zone, friends who have become like family to me and a place that has become my home. Sure, it’s going to be great to have a job, my own income and not have to rely on my parents for everything. But hey, it also means having to be a real person and worry about things I don’t have to worry about on a day to day basis at the present moment. I hate knowing I’ll never have another summer of doing absolutely nothing, I’ll never be able to just decide I need a personal day and flee to the beach, I’ll never be able to sit on Liacouras Walk at 1:00pm on a Tuesday and people watch. Now is the time I have to leave any immaturity behind and move forward.

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KYW: A Different Perspective

I really wasn’t sure what to write this blog about, however it came to me just this past Friday when the Director of Digital Media from the advertising department asked for someone who was in “promotions and not doing anything at the moment” to be exact.  They normally would have asked Brian because he is above me and sometimes takes care of things for other departments, but my head supervisor, Nicole, had suggest that I take on the task.

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Who Loves Ya?

Hey everyone,

My name is Deione Sydnor, senior advertising major at Temple University. I set out with what seemed like an impossible mission at the beginning of my senior year, take 36 credits in 2 semesters with 2 internships. Fortunately, I have accomplished both, barely, currently in a 19 credit semester to graduate on time, working 30 hours a week,  and interning at LevLane Advertising/PR/Interactive agency, it’s a wonder how I get up on time to do anything. After successful completion of my internship at the non-profit organization, City Year, I set my eyes on getting into an advertising agency, developing my skills as a professional, and adding an experience to my resume that I hope will set me apart from the rest of the future applicants of corporate America. LevLane is a full service advertising, PR, and interactive agency located in Center City, Philadelphia. The building that the internship is located in has a historical background, being named after the famous John Wanamaker, the entrepreneur of the modern day mall. On my first day, I went into the internship ready to work, slacks, shoes, shirt and tie, only to be told that I was too dressed up for the job. One of my favorite parts about the internship doesn’t even lie in the office, to go along with the relaxed environment of the agency, if you go to the top floor of the building there is an indoor fountain with a window roof. It’s honestly one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been to in Philadelphia, its a great place to relax after staring at numbers all day. I’ll divulge more about the internship itself in my next blog post, but for now here is a quick synopsis of the job description provided by the agency while they were seeking interns:

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LevLane Advertising|PR|Interactive Agency

Before stepping into LevLane Advertising’s Media department, my expectations for  being responsible for the creation of a segment of a media plan were minimal. Shortly into the internship I was given the assignment of contacting radio stations located in Chicago, to help develop a media schedule for a client located in the major city of Illinois. I set out on the task of locating a Nostalgic radio format in the Chicago area that covered three counties, in and including the surrounding area of Chicago I began making several phone calls to different stations I found through sources provided from the client and stations found online. It didn’t take long to run into problems finding the “perfect” station that fit the target demographic and provided a wide enough coverage area, not to mention it took 5-10 phone calls before I was able to contact the ad manager of each station. Unfortunately, the information obtained through the research showed that there weren’t any stations in the area that combined both the demographic and geographic information of the target audience we had in mind for the campaign. It is important to remember that every idea won’t be right for your client , unless you have the budget to go outside the ordinary, tactical, well organized media planning may be the smartest route to go.

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Ad agencies really are as fun as professors say they are

My account management internship experience at the Brownstein Group has been very positive.  It is interesting to see how everything you talk about in ad courses actually happens in an agency.  From account managers constantly meeting with the creative team to discuss client wants and needs, to deadlines constantly having to be met.  Other than my observations about how efficiently the agency works, I have noticed how much fun people have here.  At an agency, especially for the creative team, having fun is essential for creativity to flow.  Every now and then I’ll get an email saying, “Rock Band on 6.”  In most other types of companies, playing Rock Band during business hours would seem absurd.  In an ad agency, this sort of thing is typical.  Creative blocks can be overcome by taking a break and, in this case, by playing Rock Band.  I’ve also noticed the relationships people have with one anther.  People are constantly joking and talk about the weekends they spent together.  Building relationships allows for a more fun and stress free environment.  This is not to say Brownstein is not a serious company.  The amount of work everybody does here is overwhelming.  They get their work done and know when it’s appropriate to have fun.  Building relationships is an essential thing I have learned here.  It makes for better communication and better work.  I am curious as to what other agencies do to allow their creativity to flourish.

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What I Know for Sure…

…Is that I still have a lot to learn. Though I’ve completed my required 150 hours at MOD Worldwide for the semester, I plan to continue to take advantage of this great opportunity and gain as much experience as I can for as long as they’ll have me. That being said; if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that no matter how much you think you know, there will still always be more to learn. Working at MOD for the semester as a graphic design intern has taught me so many new techniques and tips that, admittedly, I have not learned in a classroom at Temple. This was my second internship experience, and I plan to do as many more internships (whether they are paid or…sigh…not) as possible while still in school.

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Internship in Retrospect

As my internship at Maiden Media (https://www.maidenmedia.com) comes to an end, I figured I’d blog about some of the things I’ve learned in the last three months that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to as little students in the big professional world. I was actually hired by Maiden as a part time copywriter for the summer, so I’m looking forward to a new start with a totally new outlook.

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Now What?!








My internship ended this past Friday, I am graduating in less than a month, and I am now posed with the daunting question most people in my position are faced with.. now what? Somehow I feel like sitting at home on my couch scanning Craig’s List idly is not going to help me fulfill my future goals, so finally it became time to be a real person and start being proactive. The first piece of advice told to me by teachers, professionals, and friends is always “network.” So, networking-away I have gone. I have reached out to independent free-lance graphic designers, professionals from my internship, family friends, random blog authors whose content and design I enjoy, agencies I basically just drool over, and random students and groups who I genuinely just admire. The strange thing is is that I have not pinpointed an exact question or topic for these people to address when we finally do speak. The first woman I ever called was my mother’s best friend’s niece. I was given her phone number and name and told to “just talk to her to see what she has to say.” I am not sure exactly what that means. I found myself drawing a blank when she answered the phone and asked what I was calling regarding. Um, well, I am about to graduate and wanted to see if you had any advice for me? She really didn’t and by the end of that conversation I had learned two things. First, that I need to rehearse. I have heard people talk about going on mock interviews or speaking in public to practice and I thought this was absurd. Well, now I know. I felt like an idiot on the phone with her for half the conversation because I had not thought about what information I wanted from her or what insight I was looking for. I learned in the professional world you need to think ahead. Even small phone calls matter, they represent you. You need to sell YOU to yourself before you can even attempt to do so with another individual. Second, I learned that even though this woman basically had no insight for me except “make sure you dress well and have a business card,” that following through is very important. The fact of the matter is she was expecting my call, and acknowledged on the phone that at her agency when someone gives out their information and the other individual does not follow-up it is deemed highly unprofessional. When that phone call was over I breathed a sigh of relief. I realized that I was doing the right thing, and just because that one conversation went no where does not mean that one of the next 25 calls I make won’t. Perseverance is key and making personal connections in this industry seems like a great way to get your foot in the door. You’d be surprised who you meet and what opportunities may appear at your doorstep. I hope that everyone with the graduation jitters stays optimistic and embraces the months to come!

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