Building websites

Here at Two 1 Five Design Group, I’ve been working on many websites with my boss. We are currently handling and I have never learned the process of actually building the websites with coding therefore I was helping him put together research and data along with building images throughout the websites. I noticed that finding certain images for different pages was a critical role because it had to express the feeling of what that page was meant to do. For example, there was a page at Eyeland Optical and it was a page regarding their employees. Therefore, I had to search for a team of smiling optometrists. I searched for hours on many stock photo sites however, I could only find doctors smiling rather than optometrists. I think that day, I spent the whole time (about 6 hours) searching for stock photos. In the end, I did not have a choice but to hand in a photograph of doctors that could be optometrists. It was a good experience because I think dedication is important when searching for a specific material but sometimes, you have to turn to alternatives when the specific material doesn’t exist.

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