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Let me start off by saying that I am a man and I don’t mean to offend or judge women. I came across a magazine that typically women enjoy. People Magazine is a magazine designed for the latest gossip and news of celebrities and people that we consider important. On the current issue of Peoples Magazine (February issue) with the cover of Heidi Klum, I saw an advertisement that caught my attention.

Clearblue pregnancy test

I don’t exactly know how complicated a pregnancy test is because I thought that you just pee on one side and it tells you the results in the middle. The brand Clearblue redesigned their pregnancy stick in a different way so that it’s more comfortable. By the images that I show, it shows that they have a wider tip for targeting the urine stream, easier display and a longer/curved stick with an improved grip. I don’t know if it is that hard to pee on a stick but I guess this design was made to make the process a lot easier.

Clearblue Print advertisement

But this print advertisement that appeared in People Magazine was a bit bizarre. It shows a bra and the product with the phrase that states “boost your confidence with the right shape”. I was very confused by this statement. I don’t really know what confidence has to do with a pregnancy test and even if it does, what does a bra got to do with it? I understand that it was redesigned so that women can take this test easier with the better grip and wider tip for the urine. I might also understand that when you feel like you are pregnant, this product will show you the results which in return will boost your confidence (even though that’s a reach). But I think the bra totally threw me off. Maybe because I am a man and I don’t really understand this stuff but, I guess they were trying to show “boost your confidence with the right shape” with a bra. My first thought was, do they sell bras too? I just think that this advertisement went in the wrong direction. I would understand if they were advertising the bra because you can feel more confidence with a bra to lift it up. But the Clearblue did not sell me on this advertisement, partly because I am a guy but mostly because it was wrong. Does this appeal to all the women out there? Are you sold?


  1. I’m a woman and don’t get what is confidence anything to do with pregnancy test with better design or bra. It makes no sense. I bet these people don’t even think about anything when they are coming up with an idea and a copy for the ad. They don’t care. Enjoyed reading your post though! Thank you!

  2. yeah, i see that. But on the print ad it says “confidence when you need it most”. I think the tag line on the website makes more sense than what it says on the print advertisement. It seemed very odd. It caught my eye right away.

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