CopyWRITING: Yes, you are a writer.

If I could have the attention of all the copywriters for a moment, please. Art direction, account management, research: you can stick around if you’d like. I still love you for who you are.
As my first blog post for Temple Adlib, I figured it’d only be fair if I did it on the essence of our major- that being writing.

“I’m a writer.”
Say it out loud. Feels weird, right? It’s almost like a dirty little secret. Something you don’t want your parents to know about. But the truth is, you are one- and if you stay within this field, you will always be one.

Get excited.
I know I sound like a hack life-coach, but you should get excited.  I mean, if you can’t get excited about writing now, how are you going to wake up every day for it? Envelope yourself in the craft, experiment with different styles and do anything that gets pen on paper (or finger on keyboard). Hopefully, you’ll keep checking back with the Adlib blog where I’ll be posting things that stroke your creativity and inspire you to write.

Take Writing Classes
If you have some semesters left, take as many writing courses as you can. I’m currently enrolled in a ‘Writing Humor’ course that is truly a creative challenge. A good friend of mine took a  short story class that she considered her toughest class at Temple. It’s important to leave your comfort zone and experiment in other genres. This is the only way you will grow and truly be comfortable with your writing’s ‘voice.’

I’ll get off my soapbox now and let you surf the rest of the internet. But just remember: you are a writer. We are writers. Get into that mindset. Drink more coffee. Buy a cat. Grow a beard.

I may not know who or what Proust is, but I am a writer. And so are you.

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  1. Definitely some good insight, especially your final point. I can’t stress enough how important it is to take in as many writing classes as you can. It certainly will give you a leg up on the competition. I posted last semester on this very subject: Here

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