Finished my test!

My name is Jin and I have been here at Two 1 Five Design Group for couple of weeks. I have been in training for a bit and getting tested on some of my skills. My supervisor has assigned me a test to see if I could handle some of the tasks therefore, he wanted me to make a couple of newspaper ads, a couple of business cards, and social media pages for my mom’s store. I think he wanted to see if I knew how to use the programs and tools and such. So, I’ve been working on them for a while with actual real work at the same time. I don’t think I’m actually allowed to show the “real” work because they aren’t mine to show. Technically, I think it’s the clients ownership, so I just decided to show the business card that I made as a test. It’s been good here at Two 1 Five. Very relaxing because it’s a small office in his.. three story apartment. Because his office is in his apartment it’s kind of weird because sometimes he’s wearing his pajamas and there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable but I wonder… could I wear like a hat to work too? It’s a weird feeling because it’s like a professional job but at the same time he is such a laid back guy. But from time to time, he keeps me on my toes and makes sure I have everything correct. I realized things need to be in such detail and I need to check, check, then check again to make sure there are no errors because I’ve made errors without even realizing they were there. Overall, it’s fun and exciting!

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