GoDaddy To Tone Down Super Bowl Ads?

GoDaddy can certainly be considered one of the many memorable and expected brands that advertise during the Super Bowl each year. The company, a web domain hosting site, has become well-known for their racy, often borderline sexually inappropriate ads, even if it means people don’t understand what GoDaddy is exactly until they visit the website. For years I watched these commercials without the slightest interest or understanding of what was actually being advertised.

However, in a turn of events, GoDaddy’s brand recognition has actually been working against them outside of the Super Bowl time slots. The company has been turned down by various networks such as Fox and NBC, due to the borderline raunchy messages in their ads. One advertisement in particular mentioned “beavers”, and because their was no direct allusion to the furry woodland creature, FOX found it wildly inappropriate and refused to run the spot. Understandably so, no?

We all know that sex sells in today’s world. And sure, a little bit of skin here and there may raise eyebrows, but still has the ability to remain somewhat tasteful. However, crudeness does not sell. In fact, it ought to repel more than anything – which is exactly what the brand is experiencing while trying to expand the brand itself. CEO Barb Rechterman stated that though they plan to tone down GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ads this year, they will still maintain slightly unrefined.

GoDaddy Beaver ad – what do you think? Did the networks overreact or where they right about the ad being blatantly inappropriate?


Source: AdAge

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