Revisions and clients and deadlines – Oh my!

It was only a matter of time before I encountered my first deadline experience in the “real” world of advertising. The word “deadline” originated in 1855, and referred to “a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards.” A bit extreme when we think of a deadline in today’s context, nevertheless the consequences of missing a deadline very well may compare.

While working one day at my internship at MOD Worldwide, located at Broad and Walnut streets in Center City, the whole office was feeling the heat from one of their major clients, and needed to complete several spring mailers, e-blasts, gift card designs, and other various projects by 6pm, when the representative of the company expected everything to be submitted. Only the sound of mouses fervently clicking, fingers flying over keyboards, and a faint sonance of Pandora radio could be heard.

The day was intense, but in the end, the work is truly a labor of love. When everyone works together toward creating something great and worthy of being printed, the end product in mind is what fuels the fire to keep working. Besides, who doesn’t love a little challange?

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