Value Beyond the Message

Offering consumers value for their time is an essential aspect of good advertising. One thing I learned while interning at City Paper is that products with high demand receive the best response from advertising. If you are selling something people don’t normally care about, be prepared to up the ante of your offer. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever; without adding value to your offer your advertisement it will be overlooked.

Here are some examples of ads that blew away both advertiser and consumer expectations:

Gap & Groupon: $50 voucher for $25

Guinness’ Passport to Greatness: mobile application

Skittles Mix the Rainbow: interactive ad

These ads signify an important change in consumer logic: they are expecting advertisers to give them something in return for the time they spend looking at an advertisement. This something may be a good coupon, a useful app, or enjoyable entertainment. To capture their attention it can’t just be ‘another ad’.

Cutting through the clutter is the greatest achievement of an advertisement. Don’t let your advertising get lost in the advertising doldrums. Next time you’re thinking of campaign ideas keep this in mind: ads that that offer value beyond the ad itself stand out to consumers, get stronger responses, and will leave a positive impression of the brand that resonates in the consumer’s mind. 

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