December 2012

The Road Ahead

This semester I have been interning at Philadelphia Style Magazine. I have absolutely enjoyed my time there. When I began at Temple as an advertising major I knew I wanted to be in the art direction track for many reasons. The reason that I sought out an internship at a magazine is because I have always loved magazine advertising and seen them, mostly in the areas of fashion, cosmetics, cars and hotel/casino, as pieces of an artistic vision put on to paper. This being said I have always wanted to be in the magazine industry especially on the creative end.

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Get Your Dance On!

Gangnam Style - nothing more to be said.It’s about to be three weeks from the day of the competition and the creation of the viral/commercial/YouTube video is nowhere to be completed. But unlike us the students at Kensington High School are smiling and enjoying the time with us and their classmates. The students seemed to be trying to calm us down and not to worry because of that strong self-confidence they have in themselves. All of these students have so much talent and knowledge of the technology that is surrounding them. You have students that are computer geniuses and can figure out any problem that may shows up or you have students who think so far out the box that you’re amazed. Then you have student who are multitalented from singing to video/music editing.

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Personal Reflection

            First and foremost, this community based learning course was successful in reaching every goal we set out to accomplish.  I don’t believe there were any specific set goals, but personally I had three: Create an impressive advertising campaign to present to Philabundance and beat Palumbo—check, build a friendly and “big brother” esque relationship with the students—check, and inspire them to strive for a higher education or something more than a diploma from Kensington CAPA—hopefully check.  There were challenges/obstacles that conflicted with all three of my personal goals.  Student attendance and their willingness to immerse themselves in the project were the two biggest challenges we faced.  Our biggest opponent was time.  Regardless, we conquered scheduling conflicts, flakey attendance, and inactive involvement the best we could and I was proud of our final product.

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Final Presentation is Tomorrow! On Edge.

We’ve been working for almost an entire semester to prepare for this presentation.  We’ve been working closely with Kensington CAPA students for about a month on the commercial, music track, and print ads and I’m still nervous.  The commercial/youtube clip/viral video is alright, but could be better.  The transitions are sloppy and the ending could be neater, but overall I’m happy with it.  I just hope that Philabundance, Shire’s and whoever else is judging our ad will look at it in more of a big picture sense than a final product, use our ads tomorrow, sense.

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Arron Garcia Future “Music Producer”

The last week before the competition, Temple students and the students of Kensington decided to meet two times. The last day we got to chill with the students and finish up everything. Before we left the school I had a chance to hang with the music group and I got time to meet Arron the mastermind behind the producing of the track (it’s his own original beat). The time I got to talk to him, I automatically knew he had a great passion for music and producing. One thing that caught my attention was he had an old school mind set, he’s interested in classical and jazz which is great combination to creating new and upcoming beats in today’s music industry.

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Jack of All Trades

My name is Michael Clementi and I am a Special Programs intern at the National Museum of American Jewish History on Fifth and Market Streets in Center City.

Before it was moved to its current location in November of 2010, the museum was run by a local synagague which had collected many different artifacts from the history of Jewish people in America. When it got moved to its current address, the museum was able to expand its work base and create new positions at the museum. That being said the museum, which just celebrated its second anniversary at its current location on November 25th, is still expanding and has to have its workers wear more than one hat while on the job. This causes the museum to look for workers who are willing to be flexible while working from different people on a daily basis. This causes most of the staff members to get to know all their coworkers as they all rely on each other in order to do what’s best for the museum.

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Chemical Commute

I had the privilege of interning for a chemical distributor during this past semester. I learned a lot of information during my time there. The company has been around for over 140 years. Making the company one of the oldest family owned chemical distributors in the world.

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The Inter-workings

This semester I have been interning at Philadelphia Style Magazine. In the past, interning for them gave me wonderful experience in what it takes to get the magazine off the ground, from the advertising and publishing perspective. This semester, my knowledge of this area was reinforced and I learned a great deal more about that. I also had an opportunity to see what all goes in to putting out a magazine and keep the strong brand going.

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Advertising Workshop Wraps up Before Final Presentation

Yesterday marked the last day of our semester long advertising workshop at the Academy at Palumbo in South Philadelphia.  We ended up with a great group of students who were eager to learn about all aspects of advertising, from research to creative execution.   Our final presentation is set for next Monday December 10th, where the students will get a chance to explore Temple’s campus and present their hard work to executives of the Philly Ad Club, Philabundance, and local news outlets.  We feel confident that the creative work demonstrated by the students Great Food Fight campaign will lead us to victory in our classroom competition for the best advertising campaign.  The overall experience of participating in this community based learning program was enriching because we got to teach and re-affirm our knowledge of advertising, and learn from the students who brought unique creative ideas to the table.

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where one life ends, a new one begins


This is the second post here. My time at Karma is winding down, when I get called into the creative director’s office for an internship review meeting. She explains how much everyone likes to work with me, and how she approves of my simple but witty writing style. She goes on to tell me about some of the things I can improve on, sticking my neck out of my little office from time to time, asking for work before it’s given to me. She concludes the meeting by asking if I’d like to keep working there, as a freelance writer to start. Without hesitation, and without belief I said yes, absolutely.

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A Taste of Latino Culture

This semester I have been fortunate enough to intern at AL DIA News Media. AL DIA is a Latino newspaper that provides Latino News, Issues, & Opinion in the greater Philadelphia area. AL DIA has created such a great niche market that it has been awarded high honors and is the topic Hispanic news source in the area. This achievement has gotten the advertising business of major companies such as Best Buy, Home Depot, Rite Aid, Macy’s and Verizon.
My role at AL DIA is in the marketing department. I focus more on AL DIA’s branch company, the Latino Professional Network (LPN). LPN is designed to help Latino’s in the area network with one another at monthly events and in social media. My responsibilities include promoting LPN events and starting the buzz via social media. I also am invited to attend these events that are always in unique places.
The biggest project I have been working on is one that I am lucky to be a part of. AL DIA’s 20th Anniversary is this year and they are having a Gala celebration on Saturday, November 17th at the National Constitution Center. This entire semester I have been assisting in all the details of planning this event. I have been helping with invitations and social media promotion. I will also be assisting at the event on Saturday. I am very excited to go to such a prestigious networking event.
So far, this internship has really opened my eyes to the unique and rapidly growing Latino culture in Philadelphia. I have also gained experience in knowing how a creative environment works together with the business side of the company. Even though I am an art direction track, the business/marketing side of the business is also very fun. I learned how much detail and time goes into planning events and how much pressure is on the event planning team to do a flawless job. I will be giving another update once my internship gets closer to the end and after the gala has passed!

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