May 2014

Big Apple

My name is Matthew Morrison and I work for Temple News. Friday, the fourth of April was no ordinary day. A few Temple news workers, including my self, were sitting on a train out of Hamburg NJ barreling down the tracks to the core of the Big Apple. Our Financial liaison MediaMate was hosting a conference for college newspapers they were associated with. Nine schools belonging to the northeastern part of the states had been invited to participate in this round table event. Taking Place in the Harvard building, we found ourselves in awe. Every room passed held towering bookshelves packed with spines bounding centuries of history, ideas and beliefs. Holding you captive in its timeless majesty. The room adorn with intricate detail work. Royal mahogany paneled walls Crowned with molding that would make a king envious. After being distracted by the building’s decadence we were immediately engaged with members from other universities newspapers. We all did the usual conversation dance. Some waltzed, some tangoed, and there were even a few who pulled the old high school awkward arm length apart sway. The dynamic in the room continued throughout our time there as speakers and questions mingled together in a bubble of ideas and experiences. By the end we all returned home with a little something more rolling around our mind, steering up views we had never looked at before. The real value of the trip wasn’t the lavish setting, the experienced speakers or the different points of view. It was learning to see those points of view and apply them to our own situations. That the value of information is stagnant to a situation if you can’t see it from the proper point of view to apply it. In our world of advertising this is a valuable skill to have when dealing with any aspect of our job. To see a client’s view you can evaluate the work your company is producing and understand if they will approve or not, just as a small example. This may seem like a no brainer to some yet we rarely find individuals capable of employing this skill on a regular bases.

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StyleHaul Intern Diaries

A day in the life of a Stylehaul NYC intern is interesting. I walk into an small office with splashes of colorful artwork and textured slick rugs, the office is made up of about 15 women separated by different departments. On one side of the white rows of tables sits  account managers, and on the other side sits sales. The office is quiet expect for the occasional phone calls and small talk between the co-workers. The interns sit in the back section of the office. My view is the artwork that hangs by the walls. The ladies in the office work from 9am to 6pm and usually work through lunch. It’s pretty much work ,work, work in this office. I travel on Friday mornings from Philadelphia to New York City. My day usually consist of sending out products to winners on our social media outlets from contest that we set up with various  clients. Some of our clients include Macys, Dove, Bobby Brown Make-up, Sally Hansen, Maybelline, Ahava skin care,  and Playtex. I also create power-points for the clients to show them screenshots of their products being advertised on Youtube by our talent. Social media is another huge aspect of my day, I create pin boards on pinterest and research products for our upcoming events. I also have become a FedEx extraordinaire while interning at stylehaul, considering the fact that we send out tons of products from the clients to our talent so that they are able to produce videos for youtube giving their personal feedback of the product. I get to put together all the products for the talent, which is a ton of fun looking through tons of nail polish colors and other amazing products. My supervisor Jamie Quale is account manager for the Sally Hansen account and I work under her to make sure all the inventory is in place and ready to go. I have been working with Stylehaul since last year August. I started in Los Angeles as an intern for recruiting, and I asked to continue to intern for the company when my program ended in Los Angeles. That’s when I came to Stylehaul NYC, which is what my career path is focused on. The Los Angeles office dealt more with the talents needs and making sure that all the content and contracts between Stylehaul and the talent were finalized. They also dealt with recruiting new talent on Youtube within the states and internationally. What I like more about the New York office is that its in my hometown Brooklyn and I’m familiar with the area. That’s not the only thing i like about the New York office I also like that it has to deal more with my career and I get an insight on what goes on between the client and Stylehaul. I have a clear understanding between how accounts are set up. I really enjoyed my time at StyleHaul from the my time in the Los Angeles office to my time in the New York office.

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StyleHaul Diaries

It has been a long and most rewarding semester for me. I was able to travel back and fourth for an amazing internship opportunity and continue to attend Temple University as a full time student. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had to try. I worked at StyleHaul, a Youtube network which brings different talent in the vlogging world into one space where they can talk about fashion, make-up and lifestyle. I had interned for them in the fall semester in Los Angeles and learned a lot from them. I wanted to continue my venture with this starting company in NYC since the New York office is completely different then the Los Angeles office. In the NYC office I became more hands on and took on a bit more responsibilities due to the fact that I was the only intern on hand. I was putting together packages for the talent and sending it out. I was responsible for updating Stylehaul’s social media and gathering media content that occurred weekly. I was able to work closely with my supervisor, which gave me a better insight on the company. StyleHaul has been a part of my learning process as an intern and as an individual in the work force. This was my first internship and I was able to work for them for 9 months. This experience has taught me that hard work goes a long way and to have patience. Also it has taught me that someone is always noticing your hard work even when you think you go unnoticed. I reached out to one of the interns I worked along side in the Los Angeles office and I am so proud to hear that she is now a Talent Associate for Stylehaul after interning for them for about a year.

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My Social Media Internship experience at Clarisse Inc.

I am a social media coordinator intern for Clarisse Inc ( and I am really enjoying my experience there. I have learned a lot since I started months ago. I learned how to use Hootsuite, which is a program available online that allows people to manage all social media accounts at the same time. This program is the company’s choice for scheduling and managing all their posts on their social media outlets. I have become so familiar with this program because I use it everyday I’m in the office. Also, I have discovered a lot of different photo-editing websites where I can create and edit picture ads for the Clarisse designs to market on their social media accounts. I used,,, and other websites. I learned a lot about managing social media for a company and the importance of maintaining a professional image that stays consistent with the brand. I also improved my skills in excel by answering to the responsibility of completing tasks within short timeframes. One of the best perks of interning with Clarisse Inc is that I get to explore all the different departments of their business because the office is so busy and there is limited staff. They really want interns to learn and be hands on with their business affairs and I believe that is a great opportunity for me and the other interns because we get a lot of exposure and develop a great deal of knowledge, confidence, and professionalism. I had numerous opportunities to experience what its like selling dresses in the showroom and assisting the designer’s creation and inspection process getting ready for their company’s next line or trunk show, etc. This experience is everything I thought it would be and more. I love coming to work; the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. I work hard and get a lot of accolades for it, so I feel very appreciated and significant to the company and I’m only an intern! I am so sad to be leaving soon but its an experience I will always cherish.

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Overcoming Obstacles and Making Use of Your Time


I have been interning with the Philadelphia Virtual Academy since January. The goal was to bring in students from competitors and increase enrollment and awareness. I went into the interview with a lot of ideas about what could be done to meet these goals, and was really excited to put them into action once I was hired. However, I hadn’t realized how often you come across obstacles in the process that seem to limit what you can do. As a part of the School District of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Virtual Academy is sometimes limited in what we can do and there are many roadblocks along the way when it comes to starting something new, such as marketing. At first, we were somewhat put off by the slow-moving process of many tasks, such as gaining approval to create a blog, and then again to upgrade it. We would meet in person once a week, and there were some meetings early on where we felt like we had not accomplished much in the past weeks. However, as the weeks flew by, we realized that though some processes may be slow, we should fill the time with smaller tasks, such as focusing on our Facebook presence, creating an AdWords campaign or designing Direct Mail brochures. While some things may move slowly, we learned that we could still make a lot of progress as these seemingly small tasks added up. Before we knew it, we had not only a list of accomplished tasks, but a whole new inspired list of more things that we could do. From these first couple of slow-moving weeks, we learned the importance of keeping things moving even when they seem to be at a stand-still. This is often what you need in order to get your juices flowing and produce more creative ideas, and it helps pass the time while you wait for the original projects to fall into place!

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