December 2014

The Best Advice


Here’s my Chance, HMC,  is a creative agency in Northern Liberties where I was lucky enough to land an internship. As an intern at HMC I had the opportunity observe and take on some real responsibility. I was able to work hand in hand with senior level staff, interact with the client, be present in brainstorming sessions, contribute tagline ideas, assist in video shoots, attend budget meetings, and publish blog posts. I got a feeling for what agency life could be and I have fallen in love.

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Start to Finish Satisfaction


Over two months ago, my publicist asked me to begin looking at racing events in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh markets for an upcoming Disney movie. Back then, the movie was simply known as “McFarland” but Walt Disney Pictures decided to change the name to “McFarland, USA”. The races needed to be set before Disney even released the trailer. I informed the event coordinators as best as I could by using any information available. And so began my cross-country run with the film.

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HMC University


Here’s my Chance, HMC, is a creative agency in Northern Liberties. Their internship program is unique in that there was a great balance of guidance and freedom. We were never once left with a day that we didn’t have something to do whether it was running with an idea to pitch to a senior level staff or it be assisting in research or preparation for a client meeting. We were encouraged to feel like we were apart of the HMC team. We were also encouraged to come together as interns.

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Steps to Success

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 4.58.30 PM

This semester I was a intern at Two Aprons Cakes and Catering. This wasn’t the typical Advertising Agency job. However, since I worked for a small business I gained a lot of hands on experience. I look forward to interning with an agency next. In any internship I think there are certain steps to successful experience.

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