February 2012

Eraser Tool?

David Beckham H&M print ad

This week I took a look at Mens Health March 2012 issue. In this issue with David Beckham on the front made me think of something. As I was looking through the magazine I came across the advertisement for H&M with David Beckham. There’s been so much buzz about this advertisement because I guess girls love him (that’s besides the point). If you check out this website, it says that the David Beckham advertisement was the most talked about on social media during the Super Bowl.

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770 Behind the Line: The (unofficial) J.Crew blog

One blog I love to get a well rounded insight and inspiration from is the 770 Behind the line: (un)official Jcrew blog. Fashion, design, and photography all in one place. Yes, you can probably find that anywhere these days, but I am loving the color palates in particular. They also often talk to in house designers and other various employees, which is great because I will take any advice I can get! I try to make a point to pay attention to what the people that have my (hopeful) future job say. I’m probably not the first to tell you this, but always keep an eye out for inspiration anywhere, and take in any advice you can get (even if its bad, you can still learn from it!)

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Museum Posters

Someone told me they liked my posts, (causing blushes and heart-eyes and head swelling galore), so now you’re stuck with my ramblings. I’ll try and keep it brief and image-heavy.

I recently came back from a vacation to Europe, my first time out of the country and crossing so many time zones. There are many wonderful things over there that you just can’t get in America, like churches over 900 years old and decent croissants, but while there I saw of a fantastic poster that gave me an idea for a post here. Museums often have some of the best merch in the business, (gotta keep their members happy and the public interested), but in a different way than your average music or event poster. Good ones are high-concept works of art, collector’s items. Here are some that I’ve found, including a bunch by Claude Kuhn, my new favorite designer. I can’t decide why I like him so much; all of his shapes and colors are so square but also have so much depth and space. His Museum Night poster rocked me like a hurricane.

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On the same issue of Us Weekly (February issue), I found another advertisement that I found interesting. It was a sweepstakes advertising for Stride and Trident gum. Well, come to think of it, it may not be that interesting however, it just caught my eye because I think they did a bad job with the image. Supposedly, Stride and Trident gum are having a sweepstakes of how you can win $50. You just buy a pack of gum and you have a chance to win $50.

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Elizabeth Weinberg, Photographer

Recently discover yet another photographer that makes me insanely jealous.

Elizabeth Weinberg is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY but travels to Los Angeles often.

Some of her clients include: NYLON, New York Magazine, Pac Sun, Rolling Stone, Starbucks, Target, and many many more. She creates images that really make you feel like you are right there with the subject. They feel like snapshots from any point in time of anyone’s life. I love when photographers are able to create a career out of shooting what they love. Most of her photos used in ad’s dont look like advertisements per say, take the copy out and it is just a piece of art you can hang on your wall.

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The Neiman Adventures: The Creative Jungle

Hello, here’s Xand Griffin, with Part Two of The Neiman Internship Adventure. I’m an art director, and a large part of our job is concepting ideas. As this is my first internship, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even really know how advertisers go about creating ideas like “Got Milk” or “Just Do It”. Different agencies may have a different process, but ours is to write everything down and tack it to the wall. That way, no matter if an idea is stupid or brilliant or an idea starter, it’s there and you won’t ever have to backtrack.

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Tiny Anchors

Tiny Anchors is a creative inspiration blog started by Brooke Mousitis of Brooke Courtney Photography in my hometown of Lancaster, PA.

“My goal is not to have the best blog out there, for there are tons of similar blogs, or to have a million followers. I just want to be able to look back at the end of every year and see what what projects I was working on and what was inspiring me at the time.” -Brooke

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Google Promoting All Kinds of Love!

Valentine’s Day is all about love. It doesn’t matter if you spent it with a significant other, with family, with friends, or with your pet. LOVE is everywhere.

For those of you who’ve spent this past Valentine’s Day with your significant other, you might have missed Google’s 1 minute animation doodle about a boy trying to show his affection for a girl.

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Old City Has Never Felt Younger

My little Maiden design I created based off of my 4 bosses!


My name is Jaclyn Kessel and I am currently a Junior Advertising Art Direction Major. This semester, I started my first real internship at Maiden Media Group, located in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia. Maiden Media Group is a small agency, run by young digital natives who focus on social media marketing. Everyone who works at Maiden is unbelievably kind and intelligent. Prior to this opportunity, I’ve never had the chance to surround myself with such young, motivated, and bright people. Just over the course of the last three weeks, I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine as an intern.

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The Neiman Adventures: Preparing for My Journey

Hello, my name is Xand Griffin. Currently I’m an art direction intern at Neiman. I’m writing this post because my team just won a major account. Not only is it the first project I worked on, it’s a very exciting one for the agency as a whole. We were in the running for a long time, and presentation after presentation we were in the last two. Now we are the agency that company chose to work with. It’s a good feeling to win.

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Dusty Signs

video by Hunter Johnson

If you’re following my posts, you probably have noticed that I have a thing for the hand-made craft. I love the tradition of actually making something with your hands that cannot be duplicated exactly how you see it. This is exactly why I love the hand painted signs of  Dan Madsen. He is holding true to the tradition of the hand painted signs and lettering, and following in his grandfathers footsteps.

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H&M Uses Digitally Built Bodies On Website

Three things are certain in this world: death, taxes, and the photoshopping of print ads. Guidelines on just how far companies are allowed to go with their airbrushing are slowly setting in, but what can be said for publishing images with ACTUAL fake bodies in combination with real human heads? Discount fashion retailers H&M are taking some heat for using “virtual mannequin” bodies which match the skin tone of whatever model’s heads they stick on top. AdWeek‘s article criticizes this practice, stating that it sends a message that everyone’s bodies should be the same “unrealistic” proportions.

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I’ll Take the Small Agency Roll Please

This past week I completed my first week of my second internship at Maiden Media. Three words: I Love It! It’s a small shop tucked away in the chic-ness of Olde City but once you step inside you quickly realize there is nothing small about Maiden Media. A creative agency that focuses on digital media (websites, social media, and creative) Maiden Media is for those who thrive on hash tags, gifs,apps, trending topics and javascript. Initially, I was worried about how I would fit, but that quickly faded after the first few days.

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Who loves ya?

I started my first day at LevLane, an advertising and PR agency by City Hall, about 3 weeks ago. After my first day, I told everyone how much I loved it, that I couldn’t wait to go back. This love and excitement, I thought, would probably fade over time as the internship progressed. It didn’t. I’m still just as excited to go to LevLane every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I find myself staying late and having to rush to get to campus for meetings or class because I’m so reluctant to leave each day.

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Ms. Brown is Coming!

Super Bowl 2012

So this Sunday is THE day when we get to see the Super Bowl XLVI. When the Super Bowl comes near we know the best advertisements of the year will be making it’s appearance. If you look at Adweek, you can see the previews for some of the commercials that will be appearing. (Let me just say, it’s very interesting and funny so go check it out!)

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Neighborhood Film Company

I can’t say it much better than they do:

Neighborhood Film Company (NFCo) is a professional production company that uses the process of filmmaking to fight cycles of poverty. By partnering with Project H.O.M.E. (PH) – a non-profit committed to ending homelessness in Philadelphia – NFCo equips residents recovering from homelessness and addiction with the necessary skills to effectively work on mainstream commercials, web adverts, promos, music videos, and short/long form narratives. From Pre-Production through Post-Production, PH Residents work alongside Industry Professionals, thus assuring that quality is never sacrificed and creativity and growth are constantly cultivated. Ultimately, NFCo’s goal is to create competitive visual stories while transforming individuals from a life of marginalization to a life of dreaming, creating, and thriving.” -neighborhood film company

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Chris Sisarich, Photographer

I’d like to introduce you to a photographer that I would personally LOVE to meet or work for, but unfortunately (for me) is located in New Zealand. Chris Sisarich has a mix of art photography and advertising photography which I find both to be beautiful. I usually am not a fan of most advertising photography, but his is a work of art. His photographs are dreamlike and make you feel like you are in another world. He has worked on several accounts including Car manufacturers, Airlines, Tourism ads, Drink Companies, and much more.  But his landscapes are my favorite!

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