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Opportunities Aren’t Given They’re Made

We’ve all seen the campaign that look school pride to a new level and on Wednesday, November 28th the amazingly talented team from Neiman advertising agency ventured to North Philadelphia to give us a behind the scenes look at how they did it. First to speak was David Burden the Senior Strategic Planner on the Temple University account. He explained how Temple was way below its competitors when it came to dollars spent on advertising. Temple was “outspend and outshouted” and the higher education market is a “sea of sameness” as Burden put it.He went on to discus the marketing objectives based on the RFP from Temple University.

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TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

As my December graduation draws nearer I find myself being bombarded with advice to get the upper hand on entering the world of advertising. I am sure you have heard it is extremely important to keep up with news in the advertising world about what campaigns brands are executing and which agencies are taking on new clients but I feel that taking some time out of the day to listen to TED talk or two on your way to class can be more beneficial and inspiring than all the rest.

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Social Hollywood: The Beauty Inside

I think I can speak for us all that at one point or another we have wondered what it would be like to be the main character of a movie. This is the key insight for “The Beauty Inside” a global social film collaboration by Toshiba and Intel starring Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and potentially, YOU! This campaign was brought to my attention by a fellow Temple Advertising student and good friend Holly Furman who strongly believes in inspiring others to do good advertising. It’s one of the things I like most about being an ad major here are Temple, we are a group of young professionals giving advice, getting advice, and sharing inspiring ideas. When she sent me the link to this social film I needed to investigate the topic a little more and this is the amazing story that I found “The Beauty Inside” campaign had to deliever.

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Moms Love Mobile Technology, Yet Still Skip Ads

Its no secret that women with children nearly almost find themselves evolving into masters of multitasking. BabyCenter released a study that, after interviewing over 2,500 moms, showed that at least 65% of mothers used smart phones and relied on digital aid to get them through their busy day. Additionally, it was recorded that mothers are 38% more likely to own an internet TV device, and 28% more likely to  own a tablet. Not to mention, approximately 1 in 3 internet bloggers are moms.

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Countdown to Timeline!

I hope you guys haven’t been living under a rock and know what’s been creating a buzz since late last year. Facebook Timeline. I remember back in November/December I saw an option to change my profile to Timeline. I remember I checked it out, I wasn’t to fond of it but I said what the heck, Facebook would eventually change it anyways. The part that stood out to me was how easily I could go back in time. It actually brought back a lot of cool, fond memories from my freshman year at Temple.

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It Takes Time to Achieve Greatness

Toyota Prius Connected Print Ad

I continued to look at Mens Health March 2012 issue and I found another advertisement that I thought was interesting. It is for the new Toyota Prius V. The campaign was created by Saatchi & Saatchi and if you go to this website you can actually see how the campaign was created. I suggest that you go see it because it’s really interesting. Their goal was to show that the Prius V has more versatility, efficiency and connectivity. That’s where these three print ads came up. They are trying to show that this car can basically do anything is for versatile, efficient and connected. They portray these three different themes with three different tag lines with different objects.

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As my internship with Chestnut Hill LOCAL newspaper winds down I reflect on my experiences and find that I am very satisfied with my work here. Though it was a fairly smaller scale internship I got a chance to work on projects that bigger companies would not have so easily given out. Writing web pages, making ads, and designing banners for the new website has surely spoiled me for my next internship.

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The next “Big thing”

Working at Ogilvy and Mather has opened my eyes to major trends emerging in the industry. I believe the next “Big Thing” in advertising is complicated given the array of pieces that are needed to create any great cohesive campaign over a number of mediums.  However, if I had to pick what I believed to be the next “big thing” I would say it would have to do with the production of creative content for the application of digital and mobile media along with the development of the web platforms and technologies that will be used to deliver them.  Over the last 5 years we have seen a huge increase in the production of digital content creation that can be applied through many aspects of a campaign not limited to just TV and print but, also online and now mobile.  The Levis “Go Forth”  was a prime example of that. All aspects of the commercial and print for this campaign found expansive roots in many web forums that offered  more insight into different areas that composed the campaign/project. By producing so much creative content and interactive applications, i.e. film and user generated content platforms; the agency was able to stretch the use of these materials to create a campaign that could be spread over a number of platforms to optimize the client’s dollar.  Digital media platforms such as twitter, facebook, and websites set up specifically for the campaign were able to spread the brand’s message across the world to an enormous audience while simultaneously gathering market research to help clients define their audience and the effectiveness of the campaign. In these economic times that is an amazing value for the client and could justify higher budgets.  With digital campaigns like these clients are more apt to trust an agency to really do something creative for their brand to set them apart in this current congested digital landscape. The web has become such a powerful tool in getting brand messages across to target consumers and at the forefront of these message deliveries is the necessity for rich and creative digital content that will capture the target’s attention and also connect with them finding a place in their hearts and minds.
To stay competitive in this global market agencies are going to have to be more than just be creative in the creation of the digital content that make up the campaigns themselves.  I believe working with digital media developers in the areas of both web and mobile will play a huge role in discerning the most effective routes to deliver these messages.  Currently mobile campaigns are showing great effectiveness and daily we are seeing the application of QR codes to out of home and print media.  I believe those agencies that can work with technology and web development firms to figure out the most effective ways to harness these types of technologies in conjunction with quality digital content will be the most competitive in the current and future advertising  market. With the increasingly amazing capabilities of smart phones and the increase in their availability globally I think this is the new frontier and forum of advertising.

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bizzaro world

Times at Chestnut Hill Local newspaper have been moving fast. I am very excited to be on the ground floor of a brand new project that has officials in Mount Airy buzzing. CHL will be coming out with a brand new website for Mount Airy– As of now I have the responsibility of designing the look of the new website, which will be noticeably similar to our current website but with an alternate theme; a “bizzaro” version.

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Adding Client Value Through Creative Leveraging

Advertising executives have a responsibility to provide the client with creative content that holds great value beyond just the message.  The industry requires the work produced by the agency to be powerful and the common trend has been to leverage aspects of the campaign to increase its overall reach in an economic way. The creation of overarching themes in collaboration with complimenting media content used over a range of media channels can offer clients this value while also increasing the impact of the overall campaign.

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On my drive to Philly this morning I was listening to NPR, and learned that China has created it’s own form of Facebook, in english meaning “everybody.” The irony of the title? They were forced to create this social networking site because the Chinese government will not allow Facebook in China, with the fear that exposure to other walks of life will cause a rebellion among citizens. As a very-free American, this concept is bizarre to imagine! In addition to not permitting facebook, Google cannot exist in China because it will not limit it’s information to fit the requirements of the government. What kind of rebellion is the Chinese government afraid will happen if they are permitted to globally interact with the rest of the world? It is amazing to recognize that the Chinese government is literally forbidding KNOWLEDGE to reach it’s citizens, in fear of the POWER that will result. I am reminded once again of the privilege of being an American. Check out more about the ban on facebook and google in china here.

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Saying Goodbye to a long Workout



I just had my last day at Weston Fitness, it was a weird change to end, but it is nice to not have to go Center City every other day. As I mentioned in my previous post; overall, the experience was a worthwhile experience. However, it was not very advertising oriented. It taught me more about Marketing, which I found out I enjoyed a lot and I believe that is a big thing to learn in a internship. I came into this internship aware that it was at a gym and the lack of advertisements that would truly be needed, but I am glad I learned about a field I was never interested in, in the past: Marketing. I believe through an internship finding out things within the real world that you enjoy and  you don’t enjoy is the biggest gain you can receive. It sets yourself up for a real life job and what direction, in the future, you can see yourself working for 40 hours a week. Although I have enjoyed advertising classes at Temple, I realized that doing projects in school is not the same in the real world. In school you have much more freedom and space for creativity. The real world, complete opposite. You are told in what places to put certain objects and the lack of creativity would be a burden on me, since that’s the one true passion I had for advertising. Overall, I think this internship taught me more than expected. I learned about myself and what future I wish to have, and I would not ask for anything more to have accomplished.

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The Royal Event of the Year– No, Decade. I Mean, Century.

I stand (sit, type) before you completely flabbergasted. The high level of intense media coverage of this wedding is unbelievable. (Just the fact that I didn’t have to mention WHAT wedding I’m referring to speaks for itself. For those of you who have been in the woods for the past couple of months, I am talking about the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.)

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Webby Awards 2011

The Webbys is an award show celebrating excellence on the Internet. And since the medium is virutally endless, they’ve broken it down into several categories: Websites, Online film & video, Interactive Advertising, and Mobile / Apps. From their, each section is broken down into (roughly) a million subcategories.

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