December 2011

Exposure and the Benefits of It All

So culturally, as a Jamaican American, I wanted to bring awareness to a room(s) full of ethnicities about the Advertising industry. I wanted to bring to them another option for a career choice that they may never hear of and that may even utilize their talents a whole lot better than another industry can. Unfortunately, the reality is, that there are many circumstances that present everything but opportunity to minorities. So the simple fact that someone, like myself, can come to someone and educate them on a possible option that can benefit their future greatly is almost like a blessing in disguise to many minority students who will learn of Advertising and how they fit in the mix.

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Go Eat Lunch

If I were to pass on one piece of advice, which I received during my semester-long internship, it would be to go eat lunch. During my first week, my supervisor told me to go eat lunch with some of my colleagues from the firm. Whether or not this was his way of getting me out of his hair is something, I may never know. Regardless, eating lunch with my co-workers turned my internship into a networking springboard for my career.

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A Major Success!

I was overwhelmed with joy after our presentation to the Phillies.  It was like a mother seeing her child graduate!  A bit corny– I know.  But it truly felt like we’ve known these students for a very long time.  Especially since I only had one member on my storyboard team, I was extremely proud.  He stuck with our group from beginning to end, and provided useful information.  He worked so hard on the 3 video concepts that we came up with. (We eventually stuck with only 2 videos because the 3rd idea wasn’t as strong as the first two).  Even though there were some minor glitches with our portion of the presentation, he did an excellent job presenting!

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High Hopes, Low Expectations

Before we went to Palumbo Academy to launch this awesome campaign for the Phillies, we spent a great deal of class time learning about Urban Education.  We wanted to be prepared to deal with these Philadelphia Public School Students. I think that we all saw the potential in this program and wanted to make it something great.  Being that this was the first time that this had ever been done at Temple, I think we wanted to set the bar pretty high.

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Philadelphia magazine

Hi, my name is Allison Hollander, most of my classmates know me as Allie. I
am a senior Advertising major with a focus on Account Management. I didn’t
start at Temple University with the intent of studying Advertising. I began
undeclared and then chose Elementary Education. It wasn’t until I took
Introduction to Advertising my sophomore year that I realized this was
something I could be passionate about.

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Business Based on Darwin

I had many goals in mind when I first set out to find an internship. I searched high and low for agencies and branding companies that I felt could teach me the most, while looking the best on my resume. I know, that seems shallow. It was like searching for a significant other based on looks, not personality. (Don’t judge, we all do it at one point or another.) None the less, in my search for prestigious opportunities, I stumbled upon a very unexpected discovery that has taught me more than the typical “eye-candy” agency.

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The Next Step

On Monday, we traveled back to Palumbo Academy to celebrate the success of the presentation with a pizza party. It was a great day to get to talk with the students over pizza and get their feedback on the workshop. As of now, we are still deciding on whether to continue the workshop in the spring or wait till next fall. Therefore, it was important to hear the student’s suggestions. All of the students had great things to say as well as great ideas for the next workshop, including possible tours of advertising agencies in Philadelphia. It was exciting to see their eagerness about advertising and their excitement for another workshop.

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Connor McGovern Internship post#1

Thus far my Internship with “Community Bikes and Boards” has been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience to say the least. I have learned a good deal about what quality advertising can result in as well as how to create a quick “rush job” for on the spot advertising. When I say “rush job” I am referring to an instance when we had that quick, sudden, but small earthquake that occurred in Philadelphia this past year. My Boss asked me to come up with a quick idea for a sale so I created a 35% off all bikes purchased in the next day for all the “I survived the Philly Earthquake sale!”  It was fun and creative advertising jobs like this that made the job more fun. This job has helped me realize that if I do indeed pursue a job with an advertising firm I would really enjoy being a copywriter because I feel that I can come up with quick and effective catchy copy. I have learned that I am better with words then I am imagery. The person who has inspired me the most during this Internship is my boss. He has become a close friend of mine but I respect him the most because he had a dream and now does what he loves to do and that is to own his own bike/board shop. When he is not selling his equipment he is using it on the slopes and around Philadelphia. I have been to a few promotional events where I got to ride his bikes and wear his apparel to advertise to the general public and I had a great time doing it.

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Work smart, not hard.

My last day at Weston Fitness was about a week ago, and since then I’ve had time to really evaluate my experiences I had there as an intern. Overall I enjoyed my experiences, I am happy to have been given the opportunities that Weston gave me, and most of all, I am grateful to have made some mistakes and to not have accomplished some of my assigned goals.

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Sweet Spot

Baker Dave

"Baker Dave" Okapal, curtesy of Penton Media

Working with Temple Dining Services often means I am privy to some great behind the scenes decisions and news that other students may not hear about for years. For instance, I have been asked to provide a student’s perspective on the decisions regarding the new residence hall on Broad St., a facility that isn’t predicted to be open for at least a year and a half. I would share some of those exciting prospects but because it is so far off, I’d better not. I can, however, let you in on some news about next semester.

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The Corporate Wellness Challenge

Over the course of the semester, we were focused on building new corporate wellness partners with companies in Philadelphia. This means that we provide discounted memberships along with other various benefits if a company signs up at least 15 employees for our gym. These relationships are very beneficial to both us and the companies involved, so we spent much of our time brainstorming ways to get companies to sign on.

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Let’s make a sale

As my final days as a Sales Intern at PHL-17 are coming to an end, I’ve been getting together all of the projects I have worked on. I have had to opportunity to learn so many different things during my time here. Some of my daily tasks included tracking ratings for specific programs and demographics, helping put together sales presentations, researching competitors’ advertisers and prospective clients, and helping out with making revisions or adding restrictions to commercial spot times. However, it was the experiences that have taught me the most.

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Preparation for the Pre-Season Wings Game

As my internship is coming to an end The Philadelphia Wings season is getting ready to kick off its 2012 season. This past Sunday (12/11) was the Wings Exhibition game located in Trenton, NJ. Myself and some of the other interns traveled to the Sun National Bank Center to help our Boss, Nikki, make sure everything ran smoothly. It was exciting to finally work my first Wings games because all of the work I have done was leading up to this day.

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Participating in Trade Partnerships?

So I got the change to learn a little more about doing things for trade these past few weeks.  My boss at Silencia  has had a few people approach her and ask for help.  They are just starting up and don’t have a lot of money.  She offers to help for trade- which I think can be a great opportunity.  It works out for both people in my opinion because we get to help people start up and build their brand to hopefully blossom.  Plus, we get some little perks too (yummy hummus, coffee, etc!)

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Three things to know before working at a Start-up

As an intern and future employee at ListenLogic, a social media research company, I am confident to say that I have experienced first hand, what it’s like to work at a start-up. Here are a few things that I’ve picked up. Note that these three things aren’t in any special order, exhaustive in nature, or necessarily true for every company. They are more like guidelines for what to expect.

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Tell me more about that “social stuff!”



Within the last ten years you have all heard that social media is an exciting, new and rapidly growing trend that has unimaginable potential for advertisers and various businesses. Many of those businesses do not yet understand it and think that Facebook “likes” or Twitter followers is the extent of social media’s potential. Pitching a new client to sell social media is a process of teaching them what they can find from that new “social stuff.” As an intern at ListenLogic, in Fort Washington Pennsylvania, I have had first-hand experience working at a social media research company that has successfully monetized social media and all public content online. This social media research company specializes in knowing everything there is to know about what people are saying about a specific brand, product, or company.

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Fitness Fears

Something I have learned at Weston Fitness was not about
advertising and marketing, but was about the idea of Corporate Wellness.
Interning at a gym, I quickly learned that health and wellness is at the
forefront above anything else. A corporate wellness program involves the
incorporation of health and wellness into the workplace in order to create a
more health conscious environment for the employees. It is beneficial to all
parties involved: the employees who now have the opportunity to adopt a
healthier lifestyle, the company that has these employees who are becoming more
productive at work, and the gym who provides the corporate wellness program.
Here’s where marketing sales come into play…

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Teenagers Don’t Care: Part II

Continued from Teenagers Don’t Care: Part I.

As we taught them, so we learned from them.

The first challenging thing was advertising the Advertising Workshop. We had them bring their friends, advertise the Workshop for us. We had them suggest placement in the school for most successful flyer postings. They volunteered ideas of how to advertise to them.
Being with this certain target audience for 8 weeks was like an extended focus group. We talked to them, we fed them, we learned what they thought about different aspects of advertising. I learned alot about marketing to teenagers throughout this course.

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Teenagers Don’t Care: Part I

At least that’s what I thought. I was one after all a short time ago. Being only 23, the days of my own apathy are not a forgotten ghost of a memory. I remember being apathetic and I remember being stupid and I remember something I almost forgot. I remember a troupe of students from some college or another coming into my high school and teaching Spanish.

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As I applied to PHL-17  for my internship I did not know what to expect. I had just taken the course Marketing Media Products  at Temple University and was just starting to understand the world of adverting sales. I was extremely nervous and had no idea if I was going to even like this side of advertising. Starting my internship, I thought that I would keep a positive attitude. I figured, if I absolutely hated the world of ad sales, at least this internship will have taught me that.

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My Semester as a Paperdoll

Hi everyone! This semester I have been working at Two Paperdolls which is a Letterpress Design House in Wayne. Two Paperdolls was started about ten years ago by my boss Vanessa Kreckel. Her dream was to continue designing while incorporating the clients’ unique characteristics into their own personal designed product. There are about fifteen employees here which makes it easy to get hands on experience in the different departments. I have been working the closest with the marketing and management departments, in which I often work with the company finances, manage our online sales through our website and Etsy site, keep Two Paperdolls updated in inventory and occurring events on our website and Facebook, while sometimes sitting in during client meetings as well.

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Up next…web design

So the semester is almost over and so is my internship.  I definitely gained experience and learned about crucial aspects of the industry like deadlines and dealing with clients. I also got the chance to work with all types of media in print and web which was really exciting. It gave me an overview of where I want to focus my studies and career in the future. What I liked the most was web design. You can do so much with it and with technology changing everyday who knows what will come next. I must say coding and actually making the whole thing takes time and it’s usually stressful but once you’re done it’s worth it. The whole industry is heading toward that direction and I’m glad I got the experience to do the same.

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A Slapshot at the Entertainment Industry


This past semester, I received a crash course in the sports and entertainment industry through my internship with Comcast-Spectacor at the Wells Fargo Center. I interned with the Group Sales/Event Services department where I had an array of tasks, from giving tours of the Wells Fargo Center, to executing direct mailers for upcoming events. Being in the sports and entertainment industry, I of course had the opportunity work these events, and experience them first hand. One of the most excited was the Flyers home opener.

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